When should we start?

It all depends. Some kids may have the right mix of physical and cognitive skills needed between 18 and 24 months; others may not show signs of readiness until much later. We've found that Diapers.com customers typically buy potty training supplies around the time their child turns 18 months old.*

5 Signs It's Potty Time
  • They tell you when they have to go.
  • They're eager to please.
  • They stay dry for a few hours and may even wake up dry.
  • They can pull their pants up and down.
  • They're curious about bathroom behavior.
Have the right items on hand

You'll want to have the following products on hand so when your little one is ready to go, you are too!

Potty Chairs

These are stand-alone seats with a removable bowl that you'll be dumping and cleaning after each use.

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What to look for:
Especially important for boys, who will be sitting as they're learning and need some help keeping the spray at bay.
Cartoon characters. Musical features. Applause. This ain't your Great Grandma's chamber pot! Consider a Disney Cars-themed chair for your turbo-obsessed tyke or a pink throne fit for a princess.
Some potty chairs can be turned into a potty seat or a step stool to give kids a leg up to the big toilet.
You'll probably want one for each bathroom. And if you plan to quit diapers cold turkey, you may want to get a potty chair for every bathroom and the main living areas of your home.

Potty Seats

Also known as a toilet topper, a potty seat is a plastic ring that fits over the regular toilet seat to provide a smaller opening.

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What to look for:
Look for a cushiony surface. Some have side handles that may help with bearing down.
Some seats can be adjusted to fit any toilet seat and once set, your child can put on and remove the seat.
Yep, just like potty chairs, potty seats come with musical and visual perks too.
Some are removable, some are built-in. Either way, you'll want to start teaching your son to point his privates down.

Portable Potties

It's important to bring one of these along during car trips or park visits, especially during the early days of potty training when accidents are more likely to happen. Your child may also be skittish about using a public bathroom (aren't we all?).

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What to look for:
You'll want something lightweight, compact and foldable.
Some products are designed to work as a potty chair (albeit a more compact one) with a detachable seat.
These absorbent bags that sit inside the portable potty chair make cleanup a breeze on the go. Be sure to carry a few extras with you on outings.

Step Stools

They're not just helpful for giving your child a boost up to the toilet and the sink, they also provide a place for planting feet and pushing.

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What to look for:
It'll probably stick around your bathroom for several years, so invest in one that works with your decor.
A nubby surface helps prevent one kind of accident from leading to another.

Training Pants

Considered a transition between diapers and underwear, training pants are designed for children to pull on and off themselves.

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What to look for:
Disposable training pants are a lot like diapers - great in that they offer some level of protection, but potentially problematic if your child thinks of them as diapers and keeps going in them. Cloth training pants let your toddler feel the wetness, but you'll have to wash them.
Count on using either training pants or regular diapers at night and during naps for some time until your child is mostly accident-free.

*Each child develops at different rates and for any concerns parents should contact their pediatrician

Get Your Gear Early

Some kids show early signs of interest. Go ahead and buy a potty or a potty seat so you can talk about it with them and let them begin to feel comfortable around it.

Train Everywhere

A portable potty is a great way to reinforce training everywhere you go. Fold it up, throw it in the stroller basket and it'll give you and your child the confidence that potty training can continue anywhere.

Stock Their Drawers

Stock up on a lot of pants and shorts with elastic waistbands for easy on/off access. You don't want to be fumbling with snaps, buttons or zippers when they're telling you they need to go.

Boys VS. Girls

Since boys sit when they're learning, it's important to have a high enough splash guard in front to keep everything in the potty.

Be Prepared

It's a good idea to keep anti-bacterial wipes handy for quick cleanups and some plastic bags or bins for carrying dirty disposable training pants or underwear to the garbage or laundry.