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Boys Clothing: Building a Boys’ Wardrobe

Buying clothing for boys is no easy task. Kids grow quickly, meaning your son’s favorite jeans may soon reach no lower than his ankles. Holes, rips, and stains are typical for active little guys who play in the dirt, do artwork, and often wear their meals. Plus, sizing inconsistencies between clothing brands can be downright confusing.

Here are some shopping tips to help you build a wardrobe for your son that is functional, versatile, and will go the distance:

Keep play time in mind. Though you may not mind spending more money on polo shirts and slacks for school picture day and other occasions, you probably won’t want your son to wear those same outfits on the playground or to art class. So in addition to nicer clothes, be sure your child has plenty of “play clothes” you won’t mind him ruining - t-shirts, athletic shorts, sweatpants, and more.

Encourage independence. Younger boys who are still learning to dress themselves shouldn’t wear clothing with complicated snaps, buttons, or zippers. Look for pull-on pants with elastic waists, shoes with Velcro closures rather than laces, and shirts they can easily pull over their heads. Once they get in the habit of dressing themselves, that's one less task you have to worry about in the mornings.

Buy items that grow with your child. Pants with adjustable waists, cargo pants with bottoms that can be buttoned up, and coats with extendable sleeves are all items that will fit your child longer.

Check size charts. While kids’ clothing sizes generally correspond to age—meaning a size 3T shirt should fit the average 3-year-old—children come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, sizing can vary among brands or among different styles of the same brand. So check each brand’s size chart before purchasing clothing online, and always try new items on your child before ripping the tags off.

Be prepared. You don’t want your son to be stuck without snow boots when a blizzard suddenly strikes. So be ready for weather events and seasonal activities before they occur. Buy him a heavy coat, a snowsuit or snow pants, boots, hats, scarves, and gloves/mittens before winter comes. Stock up on swimsuits, water shoes, and sun hats before the temperature soars.

Get him off on the right foot. Is your son suddenly limping or complaining of foot pain? He may have outgrown his shoes! To be sure your child has properly fitting footwear, have his feet measured at a shoe store or use our kids shoe measurement chart. Then be sure he has a least one pair of shoes for all occasions—including sneakers, water shoes, snow boots, and rain boots.

Don’t forget the accessories. More than just extras, some accessories are staples for the season. When you're maximizing your outdoor and beach time in the summer, you won't want to be without sunglasses. Come fall, a new backpack is a must for back-to-school. And when it starts getting chilly, he'll need a warm winter hat.

Don’t skimp on the PJs. Quality goes a long way with sleepwear. Comfortable PJs will last longer and fit better, and, best of all, help ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.