THE TODDLER SHOP They're learning & growing every day. Here, find the products that meet their unique (and evolving) needs.
TODDLER FORMULA Picky eater? If you think your child isn't getting the vitamins & minerals they need through diet alone, you might consider supplementing with formula designed for their needs. Recommended Brands:
Baby's Only
Earth's Best
Happy Family
Toddler Beds
GROW THEIR ROOM The centerpiece? Their first bed. Here's a tip: most kids are ready to transition by age 3. You can help them feel secure by using
Tables & Seating
Toddler Bedding
bed rails, and by choosing soft, comfy bedding in colors & prints they prefer.
Bed Rails
POTTY TRAINING Ready, set, go. Our comprehensive guide gives you the tips & tools for victory.
Potty Chairs
Training Pants
Potty Seats
Step Stools
THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTERS A toddler doesn't just 'casually like' a superhero or talking critter. No, they love it intensely. Our Character Shop
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Disney Princesses & Frozen
lets you easily find the object of their affection — and get everything related to it.
Elmo & Sesame Street
MORE ESSENTIALS Transitional products that help them develop skills & explore their world.
Big-Kid Feeding Accessories
Training Pants
Nutritional Shakes & Vitamins
Toddler Snacks
Toys & Books
Booster Car Seats
Lightweight Strollers
Toddler Boy Clothing
Toddler Girl Clothing
Toddler Boy Shoes
Toddler Girl Shoes

Your babies are growing up and so should their stuff. Get everything you need for your little one at the Toddler Shop, including toddler beds, potty training essentials, booster car seats, strollers, sippy cups, and more.

Bedtime Time to graduate to a big boy (or girl) bed. Well, not quite―but a toddler bed is just as cool. Sized just right, a toddler bed will give your little one more freedom to roam and your arms a rest. (Say goodbye to lifting them out of the crib.) When transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed, take your time. This can be daunting to some children. To ease their apprehension, make the toddler bed more exciting with a comfy, inviting bedding set. We have colorful picks featuring dinosaurs, trucks, shapes, and more. Or, go the unconventional route. They’ll be wowed by our wondrous toddler beds shaped as cars, airplanes―even castles.

Play Time It’s no secret that toddlers love to play. By letting their imaginations run wild, you’re helping them discover the world. Whether they’re playing house with a kitchen playset, creating masterpieces with finger paint, or playing the piano to an original song―they’re learning. Did you know that pretend play not only fuels creativity but also helps your child develop socially? Simple puzzles, building blocks, and picture books all help with cognitive development, while ride-ons and tricycles spark confidence and independence.

Potty Time Bye, diapers. Hello, pull-ups. It’s time to potty train. We can’t say it’ll be a quick process, but we can give you tips on how to make the transition easier. First, make it fun. We suggest letting your independent tot choose their own potty. You can choose a standalone potty chair or a potty seat. Design wise, your options are virtually endless. Second, time it. Dedicate a certain portion of each day to potty training. Consistency is key. So, sticking to the same time period really helps. (Trade secret: potty train during their favorite show. They’ll stay put.) Third, celebrate. You don’t necessarily have to treat them. A big smile or an excited ‘hooray’ is reward enough. It tells them that you are proud so they’ll aim to please again and again.

Travel Time By now, your child has outgrown their infant car seat and is ready for a more permanent option. A convertible car seat is just that. Allowing you to go from rear facing, to forward facing to a booster style in no time. Some of our favorite options include Graco, Chicco and Britax car seats. They offer cozy options with top-of-the-line features.