The Potty Shop It’s a brave new world and it’s bound to be a great one. Here’s what you need to make the transition with your little human.
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Potty Chairs: These are stand-alone seats with a removable bowl that you dump and clean after each use. Some chairs double as step stools, which is helpful for hand-washing. To avoid accidents and reinforce consistent behavior, consider buying a chair for each bathroom in your home – especially if you’ve quit diapers completely. Oh, and look for a chair that comes with a splashguard, particularly if you have a boy.
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Our tip -  Buy a potty chair early, and let your child get familiar with it. This helps demystify the process.
Potty Chairs
Training pants: A transition between diapers and underwear, training pants are designed for children to pull on and off themselves.
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Our tip -   It’s a good idea to bring a couple spares with you when you’re out with your tot.
Potty Seats: These fit over a regular toilet seat to provide a smaller opening for small bottoms. Some have handles that help with balance.
Step Stools: Helpful for giving your child a boost up to the toilet and the sink. Look for a no-slip surface.
Shop on-the-go essentials: Potty training in the real world (i.e., outside your home) is easier than you might think. Keep a portable potty handy to avoid accidents and keep efforts consistent.
Shop Bed wetting: Overnight accidents are bound to happen. Be prepared for the inevitable with absorbent bed mats (waterproof pads that protect the mattress), which help make clean-up easier and keep your child drier.
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6 Signs It's Potty Time

Suspect your child is nearing the potty-training stage? Then this is the place for you. Our Potty Training Shop offers you the tips, tools, and products you need to be prepared for the transition. Bidding adieu to diapers is a big step — not to mention an important one in their development — and, naturally, it requires some planning on your part. With this shoppable guide, you'll find everything you need to approach the topic with your tot, start the potty-training process, and stay consistent over the course of the journey (even when you're out and about or traveling). First things first: there's no one 'right time' to begin potty training. All children develop differently. Most kids have the necessary cognitive and physical skills by 18-24 months, though some kids (especially boys) may not have them until later. How do you know when your child's ready? Some signs to look for include a curiosity about bathroom behavior, waking up dry in the morning or after naps, showing a dislike for their dirty diapers, and knowing how to pull their pants up and down themselves. If your child is showing any of these behaviors, it may be time to start potty training. So, where to start. The most essential piece in your potty-training arsenal is (you guessed it) a potty. Potty chairs are stand-alone seats with removable bowls that you dump and clean after each use. Some even double as step stools, which is great for hand-washing. It's a good idea to buy multiple potty chairs if you have multiple bathrooms in your home — and it's also a good idea to buy these seats early (perhaps before you've even started the process). This gives your child time to get familiar with the potty chair, plus the general concept of potty training. Other items you'll need along the way: training pants (the bridge between diapers and underwear), potty seats (which fit over a regular toilet seat), step stools, and foldable, portable potties for when they need to go while you're on the go. And because a little positive reinforcement goes a long way, you might want to consider picking up some small rewards — like stickers and books — to give your child when they use the bathroom. (Bonus: these double as on-the-potty entertainment).