Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Whether they’ve had a baby before or it’s their first time, pregnancy is quite a journey. The frequent doctor visits, the prospect of labor and delivery, and the anticipation of all the changes after baby comes home is a lot to balance. Here are some gifts that will surely be meaningful to a pregnant mom.

Kick Back and Relax: Yes, some moms have easy pregnancies and manage to avoid morning sickness and general fatigue. But body and hormone changes are an inevitable part of pregnancy, and there’s a reason that most moms declare themselves “ready to pop” before they hit 40 weeks. Soon-to-be moms will welcome the relaxation time to rest their muscles. A good soak usually does the trick—although make sure she clears it with her doctor first. Epsom salts are a natural and safe addition to a bath that can help ease tension and even reduce pregnancy swelling. Many come in relaxing lavender scents.

Sleeping Beauty: Before their newborn arrives, why not treat pregnant moms to some luxurious sleep—uninterrupted nights will be rare in the first few months after baby’s arrival. Look into top-of-the line ultrasoft sheet sets. Many pregnant moms also love a good body pillow, which provides full-body support as the pregnancy progresses.

Gotta Have It: It’s more than an old wives’ tale that pregnant women have cravings. Although no one knows exactly why this happens, some have theorized that all the hormonal changes lead to heightened sense of smell and taste, as well as food aversions and cravings. If you know exactly what the soon-to-be mom is constantly in the mood to eat, think about a gift that will help her satisfy that craving. If it’s chocolate or cheese she loves, a fondue set might be a fun and welcome gift. If it’s pizza, get her some accessories so that she can throw a pizza party.

Tidy Up: When a woman nears the end of her pregnancy, the infamous nesting instinct might kick in. This is when soon-to-be moms go into high gear to make sure everything is ready for baby. If she’s on an organizational kick, get her a gift that will fulfill her storage goals.