Gifts for New Moms

Welcoming a newborn means a lot of changes for first-time moms. A growing baby brings a new experience every day—and moms end up devoting all their focus to the little one and away from herself. A first Mother’s Day or any first occasion as a parent is a perfect time to treat a new mom and let her feel the love.

Me Time: Perhaps the best gift you can give a new mom is a break and some time to herself. You can offer to watch the baby while she unwinds and recharges. A spa day is a great present for any mom, but if she wants to stay close to home, bring those comforts to her. Help her create an at-home spa with these bath accessories, and then take over baby duty.

  • First, set the tone with some warm candles. Candles are not only decorative additions to the bathroom, but will fill the air with warm scents and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Encourage her to draw a bath and have a relaxing soak and bubble bath. Put her favorite magazines or new books near the tub, and throw in a bath pillow to make sure she experiences max comfort.
  • Buy her a top-of-the-line hair care products. Many women experience hair changes after giving birth, so rejuvenating their locks with new products may help her feel like new.
  • And to make sure her quiet time is not cut short with the sound of crying, throw in a pair of headphones and tell her to pump up the volume. You’ll handle things when the baby wakes up.
  • Worth the Splurge: Jewelry is more than just a pretty accessory that brings some bling to their day. They are keepsake items that will be held onto for a long time and even passed down. A piece of jewelry to commemorate her being a first-time mom will be cherished and remembered.
  • Everyday Use: Gifts that get frequent use may be the most appreciated in the long run. Think about items that a new mom can use to make her day a little bit easier.
    If she’s using a tote bag to carry all of the baby’s stuff around, get her a convenient diaper bag. Look for something that’s fashionable and functional.
  • Many moms appreciate easy access to coffee (and, let’s face it, caffeine). Consider upgrading her coffee pot to a system where she can brew her own individual cup—no matter the time of day or night—without making an entire pot.