Welcome to the Diapers.com Gear Shop. Our shoppable guide gives you the tools & tips you need to choose every piece with confidence
Car Seats. As you probably know, safety is paramount. But it’s just as important to pick a car seat that’s easy to install. No guesswork = peace of mind.
Shop Strollers: When it comes to choosing a stroller, consider your lifestyle. Pick the option (or options) that fit your life.
Carriers & Wraps: When a stroller just won’t do (or isn’t necessary), a carrier or wrap provides an easy, hands-free way to get out with baby.
Diaper Bags: Gone are the days of purely practical (i.e., not cute) options. Today’s bags combine function & style to meet all your criteria.
High Chairs & Boosters: A highchair is bound to become a fixture in your dining room or kitchen, so choose one you’ll like looking at. Beyond that, consider your space (lots of room, or tight quarters?) and the features you can’t do without – age adjustable, easy to clean, etc. And once they reach that stage where they’re sort-of-but-not-quite able to sit at the table with you, graduate to a booster.
Activity & Playards: From bouncers to tummy-time solutions, see how to keep baby stimulated at every stage.
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Welcome to The Gear Shop, the first and last stop you’ll ever need to make when researching, comparing, and purchasing all your gear for baby. Featuring car seats (infant car seats, convertible car seats, all-in-one car seats, and booster seats), strollers (standard strollers, lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, double and triple strollers, and travel systems), carriers and wraps, diaper bags, highchairs, and infant activity and playards, our shoppable gear guide helps parents – first-time and seasoned alike – choose their big-ticket, need-them-everyday items with confidence.

Buying gear – whether it be a city-smart stroller, an airplane-approved car seat, or a diaper bag you actually want to carry – is a process. We get it. We also get that you probably can’t devote the better part of your day (or week, or month) to dropping by stores and testing out every piece of gear you’re interested in. That’s why we’ve made our guide as easy, informative, and you-friendly as possible. Here, you’ll find quick and helpful descriptions for every piece of gear we feature, with special attention paid to the qualities we can’t get enough of (and think you’ll appreciate, too). How well a stroller navigates tight spaces and uneven sidewalks. How many pockets you’ll find inside that cross-body diaper bag. How light that lightweight stroller really is. We give you the intel you need to make a decision that’s right for both you and baby – and we do it all in one simple-to-shop place.

Better yet, you can rest assured that our Gear Shop only shows you the best of the best. The pieces we truly love and use in our daily lives. The ones that combine first-class safety and innovation with smart, streamlined designs and stylish aesthetics. In each category, you’ll find an edited selection of our top picks, so you’re not overwhelmed with choices (sometimes less is more). They’re the solutions that match your lifestyle, meet your needs, and deliver the best possible experience for baby. Because they deserve it, and so do you.