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Infant Activity & Playards
Beyond keeping baby stimulated and soothed, these lend a helping hand to moms when they need it.
Designed to mimic your movements: 4moms mamaRoo. This innovative seat bounces up and down and sways side to side to comfort baby just like you do. It features five unique motions - like car ride and tree swing - and five different speeds, plus built-in sounds and a connection to your MP3 player.
Fosters soothing and secure ‘me-time’ for baby: Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper. Quiet time alone is important to your baby’s development, and this rocker makes it infinitely easier for you to step out of the nursery without inciting a meltdown. The gentle rocking motions and vibrations soothe little ones, easing the transition into nap time.
Entertainment and essential baby exercise. Fisher-Price Jumperoo. Let them work those little legs and have fun, while they’re at it. The sturdy steel frame supports all the jumping they’re bound to do, while the many sounds and sights captivate their interest.
One-push open, one-push close. Easy. 4moms breeze Playard
With this life-changing (we mean it) device, 4moms has made tricky-to-use playards a relic of the past. The breeze opens & closes with one push, offering baby a place to play and relax and giving you back a few minutes of your day. Because we’re sure you have better things to do than set up a playard…
Folds for easy storage (even in small spaces)
Portable design and travel bag
Removable bassinet for infants
Ultra-simple set-up: one-push open, one-pull close
Vacations just got easier with BabyBjorn Travel Light. Whether you travel a lot, a little, or simply love a piece of gear that folds away when you are not using it, this portable crib has you covered. It is a secure and cozy place for baby to sleep or play wherever you happen to be. And since we mentioned folding, know that it stows away neatly in its own carrying case, which we find very satisfying.
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Keeping baby soothed and stimulated isn’t an exact science. It takes a little time, experimentation, and often some trial and error to figure out what makes them feel their happiest and most secure. It also takes the right gear. In the Infant Activity & Playards section of our Gear Shop, you’ll find just that – all the right pieces for your baby, at every age and every stage. From bouncers to foldaway playards, you’ll enjoy a curated selection of our favorite picks for your growing babe. These are the pieces we’ve turned to help calm our littles and keep them entertained. And, as you probably know, when a mom feels strongly about a product that makes her life easier – well, she wants to share it with every other mom. That’s what we’re doing here. Choosing the right infant activity gear is easy in our simple-to-shop guide. You’ll find helpful product reviews plus bold, beautiful pictures of each handpicked item. Looking for a place (besides your arms) where your infant or newborn will fall asleep? A motorized rocker can help promote a sense of calm and security. If you want to keep them entertained while you’re prepping dinner, doing chores, or sending emails, a bouncer is a good choice – providing them with stimulus (many swivel and come with toys) plus the chance to exercise their little legs. When it comes to travel options, an easy-folding playard is great for bringing in the car or stowing in the plane. They’re easy to set up, and can even double as makeshift cribs when you’re away from home. If you plan to use it for the latter, be on the lookout for travel-friendly features like a carrying case, quick set-up, and mattress. You might also want to opt for a playard with net or mesh panels, so you can easily peer in at baby while they play or sleep.