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If you’re a new mom, you likely have some questions about how best to feed your baby. We firmly believe that there’s no one best way – only what’s best for you and baby. But even though all babies (and all situations) are different, there are some pretty universal truths that accompany feeding. If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, there are a few things in particular that can help make you both feel more comfortable, confident, and at ease.

  1. First, start with the items you personally need to nurse baby. These include nursing bras, nursing tanks, maternity pajamas, and nursing cover-ups. When it comes to choosing nursing bras and tank tops, comfort is key – as is easy access to your breast. Choose soft, breathable fabrics, supportive construction, and designs that easily unhook or unsnap. The same goes for maternity pajamas and robes. You want to be incredibly comfy, so look to luxe fabrics (like modal) and make the most of your loungewear. When it comes to nursing cover-ups, the general rule of thumb is to choose ones you’ll have no qualms about using in public. By that, we mean ones that match your style – from chic nursing scarves that you’d swear have nothing to do with nursing (in fact, you can pair them with practically any outfit) to nursing covers in pretty, you-approved patterns and prints.
  2. Also on your breastfeeding checklist: a nursing pillow and nursing pads. Nursing pillows help position baby more comfortably as you nurse, relieving strain and often offering baby easier access to the breast. Nursing pads play another very-necessary part in your routine. They help soothe tender nipples (it can take some time for your breasts to adjust to the new demands placed on them) and provide leak protection. They’re also lightweight and ultra-slim, meaning they’re undetectable inside a nursing bra or tank.
  3. Many nursing moms also have the need for a breast pump. Choosing the right breast pump can seem like a challenge (there are a lot of options out there), so the key is to choose one that adapts to your lifestyle. If you aren’t frequently on the go, a manual pump might meet your needs just fine. If you work outside the home or often travel, it’d benefit you to consider an electric breast pump – especially one that lets you pump both breasts simultaneously. Most breastfeeding moms in the workplace will tell you that double-breast pumps save time and simplify the process. In addition to a breast pump, you’ll need accessories like milk storage solutions for when you’re out and about or keeping expressed milk in your fridge or freezer, on-the-go ice packs, a power adaptor, pump cleaning wipes and washes, and a pumping bustier. You’ll also need bottles for baby, so be sure to consider the types available for baby. You’ll find all your essentials – from breastfeeding apparel and supplies to breast pumps and baby bottles – in our shoppable Breastfeeding Guide.

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