Best Nursing Slings

If you're out with your newborn, baby slings are great for getting around. For moms who live in a city or are going to an area with a big crowd, lugging a stroller is not always convenient. Slings make life on the go easier and, best of all, they can even be useful for breastfeeding. A great sling can keep your baby well-positioned and comfortable while nursing. Plus they'll be snuggled in and undistracted by outside stimuli. Even if you're at home, a sling can come in handy. During a newborn's frequent nursing sessions, a sling can allow you to feed and take care of some light chores around the house or chase after an older sibling. Once you and your baby get the hang of it, you won't have to drop whatever you were doing to get set up in a nursing chair with a pillow and a nursing cover-up. For busy moms, quick and simple are big wins!

Privacy: The position of the sling close to your body gives you some privacy while nursing. It just takes a little bit of maneuvering to get your baby latched on while still nestled in the sling. Baby K'Tan carriers have a double wrap design that offers extra privacy for nursing.

Convenience: Slings are light and portable, and don't take too much space in your diaper bag. When you're moving from car to walking around, you can simply strap on the sling and put your baby in. Having your baby close to you is comforting for both of you, and makes it easier to quickly tend to any cries or discomfort—or hunger. With their simple wrap-around designs, Moby and Boba carriers allow for different positioning that can adapt to your preferences, including for nursing.

The Pros and Cons: Yes, it might take some time and effort to figure out the best position and method to get your baby in the sling and comfortably nursing. Give it a try: What may seem awkward at first could soon become second nature for both you and baby. Also, some babies actually do better nursing while you're moving. Every baby is different, but movement comforts many babies, and for those who have a difficult time feeding, a little bit of movement could be a game changer.

  1. Mom Tip: A baby's first plane ride is an exciting time—and a nerve-racking one for many parents. Taking a newborn on a flight can be easier in some ways than traveling with a demanding and mobile toddler, but the unpredictability in a public and confined space can make parents nervous. One tip: bring a carrier. This can instantly calm babies, allowing them to eat and nap in a cozy space. A. Swain and her baby had a good travel experience thanks to the Baby K'Tan.

    This wrap saved us! We just took a trip to visit grandma and grandpa and I was really nervous about taking our fussy 3-month-old on the plane. I bought the wrap right before our trip thinking she might be comfortable in it on the flight. When I first put her in it she screamed but the wrap is the perfect height for nursing so I was able to nurse her in it. Once I started nursing her, she quieted down and fell asleep within minutes. She stayed asleep in there for the entire two-hour plane ride plus the time it took us to get our baggage and get to our car. I was so afraid I would be that mom with the screaming baby on the flight, but the Baby K'tan carrier made traveling a breeze!