Best Nursing Pillows

When you're just starting out with breastfeeding, a nursing pillow can be your best friend. You may still be figuring out how best to hold your baby, or what angle will minimize spitting up. Having a comfortable but secure pillow to help get your baby in the right position to latch on will really go a long way to getting your nursing routine down.

Comfort and Support: These C-shaped pillows, which are meant to be worn around your waist, generally come in these varieties of surfaces for your baby to rest on: rounded (Boppy, aden + anais, Comfort & Harmony), mostly flat (My Brest Friend), or both (Bebe Au Lait). It's a matter of personal preference which one will work better for you. Ergobaby's natural curve model is designed to keep your baby positioned tummy-to-tummy with you, at a height that will prevent slouching for most women. These extra features can alleviate neck and back stress.

What's Right for You? You may need to try a couple out before you figure out which one suits you and your baby best. Keep in mind that as your baby grows, how well a particular pillow works may change. Born Free offers a three-stage pillow meant to accommodate both newborns and older babies.

Customizing: You can also buy covers for your nursing pillows in different fabrics and colors and patterns: cotton for easy care, water-resistant material for obvious reasons, and velour for extra comfort.

  1. Mom Tip: Many first-time moms make sure they have everything they need in their hospital bag well before they go into labor. Some things are obvious: a toothbrush, your phone and charger, a robe, a take-home outfit for baby. Others things may not be front of mind, but prove to be convenient to have, and that includes a nursing pillow. During those first few days after birth, breastfeeding is the most difficult as both you and baby are rookies to the experience. But E. Tucker found that a Boppy ultimately helped her get the hang of breastfeeding after a rocky start, making her wish she had made the purchase earlier.

    As a first time mother, I struggled with breastfeeding my baby. I had sore, cracked, bleeding nipples. I didn't own the Boppy pillow yet during the first three weeks. I fed my baby 10-12 times a day. I got tired of holding my baby really quickly, especially at night because I was exhausted and sleep deprived. My baby had trouble latching on properly, which caused sore nipples, and frustration; it hurt every time I fed my baby, and it would sometimes make me cry. Then I finally bought the Boppy pillow. I was surprised by what a difference it made. During my struggle with breastfeeding, it was nice for SOMETHING to finally feel right. The Boppy pillow holds up my baby, so I don't feel his weight, my arms don't get tired, and my baby is well leveled. The Boppy pillow was a great help when I struggled with breastfeeding, so you can imagine how even MORE helpful it is now that breastfeeding has gotten better and easier. My son latches on well, and I have no sore, cracked, bleeding nipples. I wish I would have bought this sooner because it would have been so helpful at the hospital after I gave birth. Those first few hours were the most difficult, and this pillow could have made breastfeeding a little less painful. Please, soon-to-be moms, do yourself a favor and buy this before your baby is born so you can have it ready to use at the hospital. This is one purchase you won't regret.