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Best Nighttime Diapers

Night and day tend to blend together in those early days, weeks, and months, but when your baby begins to sleep for longer stretches, and then, ultimately, through the night, it becomes important to switch to an extra-absorbent diaper for bedtime. Leakage, wetness, and discomfort can interrupt your baby’s (not to mention your) slumber, so keep these features in mind when shopping for an overnight diaper.

For Heavy Coverage: The first time your baby sleeps through the night, you may be amazed to feel how heavy the diaper is in the morning. If you use an overnight diaper, all the wetness should be contained. Huggies Overnites feature an elasticized waistband to keep the diaper snug around your baby and prevent leakage. The super-absorbent padding is meant to last up to 12 hours. Pampers Swaddlers Overnights are also designed to provide coverage up to 12 hours. The design includes an inner lining that pulls moisture away from your baby’s skin.

For Sensitive Skin: Seventh Generation overnight diapers have an extra-absorbent core and, like other Seventh Generation products, are hypoallergenic and fragrance-, latex- and chlorine-free.

For Older Children: For kids who may be potty trained but need backup at night, GoodNites makes two versions of overnight pullups that resemble the regular underwear they wear during the day. One is for boys and one is for girls; the extra-absorbent padding is located in different places, where it’s needed. These pullups are designed for kids age 4 and up, and who weight up to 125 pounds.

  1. Mom Tip: During the day, the key to a good diaper is not only one that keeps your baby dry, but is also comfortable on the go (especially for active toddlers). In other words, bulky is not better for daytime use. But at night, it is all about maximum absorbency and dryness. That means, diapers you use during the day, might not cut it at night. One popular overnight diaper is Huggies Overnites, which customer Michelle E. discovered was the best fit for her daughter. Buying them one size up was the secret solution to a dry night.

    These are the only diapers we used for nighttime with my daughter. We started using them as soon as she started sleeping through the night because the regular daytime diapers didn't cut it—she'd wake up soaked in urine. I actually never used Huggies for daytime diapers because they leaked, but it was completely opposite for night. We tried a few nighttime options and these were the only ones that never leaked and they held A LOT. There was more than one morning that I was shocked that there were no leaks and at the size the diaper grew too yet she still felt dry and we had no issues with rashes at night or anything like that. One tip I learned is that we always bought the nighttime diapers one size up from the daytime diaper size—even if she wasn't technically in the weight range yet—and that helped prevent leaks. I highly recommend these to every mom.

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