Gifts for Every Type of Mom

For all that they do for their families, moms deserve a special treat, and not just for their birthdays or Christmas or Mother’s Day. Surprise her with a just-because gift when she least expects it.

Ultimately, the best kind of gift is something that she might never buy for herself, but would absolutely love to have. Think of it as a “treat yourself” kind of indulgence that’s being given by loved ones, whom she’ll think about every time she uses it.


She loves her fashion magazines and has taken shopping to new levels. So what do you get for a woman with impeccable taste?

Scent of a Woman: Perfumes make lovely presents. But they can also be tricky to choose for someone else. Do some research: i.e. smell her. Does she like sweet or musky scents? Floral or citrus? Does she wear classic scents like Chanel No. 5 or does she like to try the latest big release? Consider gifting her a whole suite of fragrance, from perfume and body cream to shampoo and candles.

Jewelry Central: There’s a reason they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. (They’re always the perfect gift!) But she’s also going to need a place to put them. Check out these unique decorative boxes that would brighten anyone’s closet or dresser.

Singing in the Rain: If clothes are too hard to choose for your favorite fashionista mom, add a splash of fun to her wardrobe with a stylish umbrella. Far from the boring black disposable kind that litter the city streets after a downpour, these colorful, clever designs will brighten up her rainy days.


She’s the type of person who’s always trying out a new exercise class or going for a hike in her free time. For the mom-slash-weekend-warrior, consider these gifts that she can use on her adventures—and during her downtime.

Carry-All: Gym bags don’t have to be boring. Help her get organized—and stylish—with a bag she can take to the gym and out to lunch after. Go for a more casual tote bag or even a backpack or weekender in lieu of the usual nylon duffel bag. Just look for exterior pockets to hold a water bottle and other necessities she’ll want at the tip of her fingers.

Bike in Style: Even if she’s a SoulCyclist at heart, she might like taking one of these Republic Bikes out for a spin. The look may be a little retro and a little whimsical, but these bikes are built for riding. They feature custom steel frame and six-speed gears.

Post-Workout Bliss: What’s even better than a great workout? A little bath bliss afterward. How about a bath soak set for some relaxation after her latest high-impact activities?


She loves to cook, she loves to eat, and her favorite things to do are trying out new recipes and new restaurants. Why not pick a gift that will brighten up her kitchen?

Colorful Cookware: For stylish chefs everywhere, Le Creuset sets the gold standard for cookware. Made in the same foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, for almost 100 years, the pots and pans come in a signature array of cheerful colors. The enameled cast iron pots are designed to retain heat well, and evenly, and are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. A good starter item would be a Dutch oven. Beware, though: They are highly collectible! Once you see that pop of color in your kitchen, it’s hard to stop at one.

Bottle Service: And to accompany all her delicious meals, she’ll want a place to store her favorite wines. Wine racks can be a statement piece of décor and refrigerated wine fridges will allow her to store favorite vintages at just the right temperatures.

Mini Garden: Even if she lives in a city apartment, the foodie mom in your life can grow her own herbs with at-home gardening kids. The delightful window sill boxes, pails and bottles will let her tend her own garden even in the smallest spaces.


Call her a serial crafter: Whether she’s currently knitting or painting or scrapbooking, the crafty mom is always making something. She’ll love gifts that speak to her creativity.

Get Organized: If she has gone down the path of doing arts and crafts, she has probably acquired lots and lots of supplies. Buying someone storage bins might seem terribly practical, but the crafty mom will appreciate the help decluttering. Make the gift special by choosing some decorated fabric bins rather than the usual plastic. They’ll look almost as good as her creations.

Make Her House a Home: Help her set the stage for creativity with some Diptyque candles. This fragrance line specializes in scents that are often off the beaten path, with woodsy (hazel tree, cypress, wood fire), spicy (pomander) and herbal (lavender, patchouli) notes in addition to the traditional floral ones. The candles come in beautifully designed boxes that also make them perfect for gift-giving.

Take Notes: If arts and crafts are always on her mind, she might love to have a pretty journal that she can pluck from her handbag to jot down notes whenever inspiration strikes. Oh, and don’t forget to include a keepsake pen.