Best Belly Bands

Sure, your bosom will be fuller while you are breastfeeding, but your body is changing in other ways, too, as you adjust to life post-pregnancy. The belly that you lovingly rubbed for nine months contracted a bit after childbirth, and will continue to do so as your diet and fitness and activity level change. It won't happen overnight, and your body will likely not be exactly as it was before. But you've brought a baby in the world, so change can be seen as a good thing. For moms who are looking for some behind-the-scenes help getting to their best post-pregnancy form, compression belly bands are an instant pick-me-up. Wrapped around your abdominal area, they provide some added support and help you retain your posture. For moms who have a special occasion to attend not long after baby, these belly bands help make them feel confident in their gowns. Some moms like to wear them on a regular basis with the hopes the compression will keep jiggle and stretch marks in check. There are two main types of belly bands:

Pull-On: Wink makes medical-grade compression garments that can be worn seamlessly under clothing, much like Spanx, to create a slimmer silhouette. There are two different models, both covering the abdomen and lower waist. While one ends as a bikini, the other covers the thighs.

Cinch: To continue the lingerie analogy, Belly Bandit's offerings are more like corsets. They're elastic bands that are wrapped around the abdomen and secured with Velcro, tightening the belly and supporting the core muscles. Because it can be wrapped anywhere around the midsection, these bands can be adjusted to focus on your particular trouble spots.

  1. Mom Tip: Belly bands are not just for cosmetic purposes. Many find that the support they provide helps relieve pain. customer Laura wore her Wink belly band on a regular basis.

    It is definitely hard to get on the first time, very snug. But that's expected, seeing as it is a compression piece. After that first use, it goes on easier. It helped me out so much after my C-section. I was able to get up and down, in and out of bed so much easier. I started wearing it one week postpartum. I wear it all the time except to shower, loving the results and how much it helps with pain after C-section.