How to Pick the Best Halloween Costume for Your Baby

Dressing up in costumes, colorful decorations, tons of candy—there are plenty of reasons that kids of all ages love Halloween. But Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for parents too. The opportunity to transform your little pumpkin into an actual pumpkin? That’s tough to resist.

With so many adorable costumes out there, you might find yourself tempted to buy more than one. But unless you’re Beyoncé, costume changes are easier said than done. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for Halloween.

  1. Start your costume search early. This might go without saying, but the cutest Halloween costumes sell out quickly. Your baby’s first Halloween will arrive before you know it, so some early preparation will guarantee that you land your first-choice costume (and maybe even first place in the costume contest).
  2. Don’t get too invested in your costume pick. Babies may not love the costume as much as you do. In fact, the amount you adore that perfect outfit is inversely proportional to the length of time they will wear it. As for fickle toddlers, the more they beg for that impossibly hard-to-find costume, the higher the odds they will change their mind the day you finally deliver it.
  3. But also be prepared to see your kid in costume a lot. While some toddlers can’t wait to take off their Halloween get-up, others will insist on staying in character at preschool, in restaurants, and pretty much 24/7 until the costume falls to pieces.


  1. According to the National Confectioners Association, a whopping 75 percent of American households pass out candy each year to more than 40 million princesses, superheroes, and goblins. If you find yourself with more than your family can eat, consider donating some or even using it in a craft or science experiment. And if you want to avoid having leftover candy sitting at home, consider purchasing healthier options.

This handy guide will help you pick the ideal costume for your baby at every stage and navigate the spooktacular world of Halloween.