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Best Travel Safety

Top 10 best-selling products in Travel Safety as voted by Diapers.com Million-plus customer base

Check out the cheat sheet for Travel Safety products below. Find exactly what you are looking for - Car Safety, Organizers & Storage,and Weather Protection. We've got fantastic everyday values across our range of products and a Savings Center that makes it easy to find the stuff on sale this week. Our award-winning customer service take pride in delighting our customers, and do everything they can to ensure that your experience is hassle-free, fun and rewarding.
1. Britax
EZ-Cling Sun Shades
Britax EZ-Cling Sun ShadesKeep your child cool and shield them from UV rays and sun glare with the BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shades (2 pack). The unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame makes application and repositioning a breeze. The BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shade safely clings to the vehicle window with a UPF 30+ sun protection. The additional mesh screen provides shade to keep your child cool while maintaining driver visibility. Use the wire frame to easily remove the BRITAX EZ-Cling Window Shade and store it away to reuse again and again. The 19 x 12 in. (48 x 30.5 cm) size is
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  • 2. Diono
    Easy View Mirror
    Diono Easy View MirrorThe first back seat mirror that rotates 360 degrees and pivots on a ball and socket for the perfect angle to view an infant, without moving your rear-view mirror. Attaches securely to the middle of any head rest. Easy View does not block rear visibility and does not need to be positioned directly over a child. The shallow convex shape offers the largest, clearest reflection of any back seat mirror. See your baby and see the road easily with Easy View.
    3. Brica
    Baby In-Sight Mirror - Gray
    Brica Baby In-sight Mirror Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror is an extra large convex mirror that will provide a wide-angle view of your bundle of joy. Traction-Grid material helps keep the mirror in place so you feel relaxed on the drive. Why YouGÇÖll Love It: With four attachment options, the crash-tested mirror fits onto the rear window of the car to provide a clear view of your baby. Features Extra-large convex mirror for the car Allows for a wide-angle view of baby Traction-Grid material to help keep mirror in place Four attachment options to securely fit most vehicles Shatter-resistant mirro
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  • 4. Britax
    Back Seat Mirror
    Britax Back Seat MirrorThe BRITAX Back Seat Mirror provides a view of your rear-facing baby at any angle while allowing installation to adjacent vehicle head restraints. The shatter-proof, extra large mirror is convex to reflect a head-to-toe view of baby. The adjustable attachment straps allow the mirror to securely attach to most vehicle head restraints, while its soft-feel frame design has a sleek, modern look.
    5. CARES
    CARES - Airline Safety Belt
    Kids Fly Safe CARES This seat belt is designed for children who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds and helps them to sit securely in their place. The seat belts that are provided in the aircraft are too big for them; this belt protects them from jolts and keeps them safely secure. Easy to install. Why You'll Love It: The airline safety belt is designed for small children and protects them jolts, keeping them secure. Features Safety harness designed specifically for aviation travel Easy to install - takes less than 1 minute Adjusts to fit almost every size airplane seat
    6. Infantino
    Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover
    Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart CoverThe Infantino Compac 2-in-1 shopping cart cover is stylish and ready to roll. This compact cover is the perfect way to keep baby clean and comfy while on the go. With toy loops, sippy cup strap, snack pouch and accessory pocket, you'll be cruising in style. Fits over most shopping carts and restaurant highchairs.
    Jeep Cling Sunshade - 2 Pk
    7. Jeep
    Cling Sunshade - 2 Pack
    Jeep Cling Sunshade Jeep Cling Sunshade fits most car windows easily with the help of its static cling technology and universal size. It helps protects baby from too much sun and glare. You'll find it a breeze to maintain this sunshade. Plus, it'll look great on your car window as you travel around in your car. Why YouGÇÖll Love It: Jeep Cling Sunshade blocks out the sun and lets babies travel without worrying! Features Easy to install on car windows Features Statis Cling technology to attach to car windowsHelps protects babies from sunlight and glareEasy to maintain Universal size fits mo
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  • 8. Diono
    Angle Adjuster
    Diono Angle AdjusterAngle Adjuster positions rear-facing Radian seats at a more upright angle for older children and can add up to 4” more room behind the front seats for more front leg room.  The dense foam construction adds firm, lateral support for increased stability. Angle Adjuster fits all model Radian seats and is LATCH compatible.  For use only with rear-facing Radian seats and with child over 1 year. Crash tested.
    9. Brica
    Day and Night Light Musical Auto Mirror - Gray
    Brica Day and Night Light Musical Auto Mirror - GrayEntertaining and connecting with your rear-facing baby is even easier with our newly redesigned, remote activated BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Mirror. While you take comfort knowing the mirror is crash-tested and night light equipped, they'll be comfortable listening to soothing music and admiring their own reflection. Soft-Touch Frame lightweight and energy absorbing sculpted foam design. Dual-mode LED night light- Mode 1: Ambient night light gently illuminates baby and fades off after 10 minutes; Mode 2: Brighter safety check light i
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  • 10. Safety 1st
    Baby on Board Babyview Mirror
    Safety 1st Baby on Board Babyview MirrorSafety 1st Baby on Board Babyview Mirror is conveniently adjustable and attaches easily to the visor to monitor forward-facing children and also to the rear window for children facing the rear side of the car. Why YouGÇÖll Love It: It's a simple and intelligent way to keep a close eye on babies in the back seat. FeaturesAdjustable mirror helps parents monitor babiesAttaches to the visor or rear windowProvides a clear view