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Best Putumayo

Top 10 best-selling products in Putumayo as voted by Diapers.com Million-plus customer base

Check out top 10 best-selling Putumayo at Diapers.com as voted by our million-plus customer base. Check out the most popular brands: PutamayoKids, BabyEinstein & MusicforLittlePeople. Check around! You'll see we've got great prices on all products. There are about a million reasons to shop Diapers.com. We offer free delivery on almost all orders. Our great customer service takes pride in delighting our customers.
1. Putumayo Kids
Dreamland Lullabies & Soothing Songs CD
Putumayo invites listeners to turn down the lights and relax to tranquil melodies, beautiful lullabies and soothing songs from Africa, Europe,North and South America and Asia. The album opens with a gorgeous lullaby sung by Angelique Kidjo, accompanied by legendary guitarist Santana. Perfect for relaxation or bedtime, Dreamland creates a calm atmosphere for people of all ages.Liner notes in English/Spanish/French/German *Parents’ Choice Winner 
2. Putumayo Kids
World Playground CD
This lively collection of global songs takes children and parents on a musical journey to faraway places where they can beintroduced to other people and places around the world. A trip to the World Playground makes exploring other culturesa adventure for music fans of all ages! Featured artists include Manu Chao,Taj Mahal and Cedella Marley Booker.*Parents’ Choice Winner 
3. Putumayo Kids
Celtic Dreamland CD
Putumayo Kids promises to entertain, educate, and inspire cultural curiosity through a variety of music from around the world. Celtic music is know as much for its upbeat jigs and reels as its tranquil, lilting melodies. Celtic Dreamland focuses on the softer side, with a beautiful collection of lyrical songs that take their cue from the rich traditions of Ireland, Scotland, eastern Canada, and beyond. Perfect for settling your wee one down into a peaceful slumber, or as a gift to yourself when you're craving a little quiet time and relaxation.The album joins the successful Dreamland series al
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  • 4. Putumayo Kids
    Sing Along with Putumayo CD
    The latest in Putumayo World Music’s acclaimed music series for children features a star-studded cast of artists singing classic folk and blues songs. Arlo Guthrie, Taj Mahal, Dan Zanes, Keb’ Mo’, and others offer a mix of unforgettable folk, blues, bluegrass, swing and reggae that children and their families can easily sing along with. Sing Along With Putumayo includes entertaining and informative liner notes in English, Spanish and French, with song lyrics, artist biographies and Nicola Heindl’s distinctive colorful illustrations. The celebratory spirit of Sing Along
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  • 5. Putumayo Kids
    Brazilian Playground CD
    Putumayo Kids presents Brazilian Playground, the latest in the label’s award-winning CD series for children. This new collection offers an enchanting mix of musical styles and artists from one of the most musical countries in the world.Samba, bossa nova and forró are among Brazil’s most popular and accessible musical styles for adults and children alike. Brazilian Playground features these and other engaging rhythms that reflect the country’s diverse culture and easy-going way of life. In celebration of the exuberant sounds of this fascinating country, Putumayo Kids ha
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  • 6. Putumayo Kids
    European Playground CD
    European Playground, the newest release in Putumayo Kids’ acclaimed Playground series of CDs, is a collection of 15 songs that takes families on a fun-filled cross-genre musical tour around the continent.  Europe is a favorite destination for travelers who marvel at the continent’s rich cultural variety. Europe is home to almost 50 countries, each with its own unique culture, history, traditions, food and music. European Playground features a lively and engaging selection of family-friendly music from contemporary artists from these very diverse regions. The multilingual songs
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  • 7. Putumayo Kids
    Animal Playground CD
    Animal Playground is the latest release in the award-winning Playground CD series from Putumayo Kids. The new album presents a multilingual collection of animal-themed songs from around the world. The enhanced CD also includes an original music video for the song “No More Monkeys,” produced by Putumayo and shot on location in Trinidad featuring Trinidad-born artist Asheba. Since children of all nationalities are fascinated by animals, Putumayo found it only natural to create a collection of exceptional songs featuring animal themes and folklore from across the globe. The 13 tr
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  • 8. Putumayo Kids
    French Playground CD
    Putumayo Kids announces the newest addition to its award-winning catalog: French Playground, a musical rendez-vous of fun French and French Creole songs that will delight children of all ages. French Playground reflects the rich variety of Francophone music. It features 12 songs by artists from France, the Caribbean, Africa and Quebec. Bilingual families and children learning French or English will enjoy the fact that the complete lyrics for each song are printed in both languages. As with all Putumayo CDs, French Playground features full-color liner notes with artist and cultural information.
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  • 9. Putumayo Kids
    Reggae Playground CD
    Musicians from around the world remain true to the happy heartbeat of reggae, reinterpreting Jamaica's rich musical traditions with their own local instruments, rhythms, and languages. The liner notes profile each artist briefly, and describe the meaning of each song within its cultural context.
    10. Putumayo Kids
    Latin Playground CD
    Latin American musicians can rightfully take credit for spreading the joys of the samba, salsa, bossa nova, mariachi, and cumbia beats. This collection is a celebration of song from all corners of the Latin world. Beautifully illustrated liner notes profile each artist briefly, provide information about different countries, and describe the meaning of each song within its cultural context.