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Earning Registry Rewards + 10% Off Completion

How does the Registry Rewards program work?

Registry Rewards are earned every time an item is purchased off of your registry. Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you'll earn 5% back in rewards. Once you reach $1,000, you'll earn 10% back in rewards. So, for example, if you reach $750 in purchases you will receive $12.50 in rewards ($250 x 5%). If you reach $1,200 in purchases you will receive $25 ($500 x 5%) + $20 ($200 x 10%) for total rewards of $45. The maximum amount of rewards you can receive is $200.

How do I earn Registry Rewards?
You can earn Registry Rewards on all items purchased from your registry with the exception of diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food. Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you'll earn 5% back in rewards. Once you reach $1,000, you'll earn 10% back in rewards.

Is there a maximum amount of Registry Rewards I can receive?
The maximum amount of rewards you can receive is $200.

When will the rewards appear in my account?
Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you will start earning Registry Rewards. After a purchase is made from your registry, the earned rewards will appear in your account within 7 days.

How can I check my Registry Rewards balance?

Your rewards balance will be listed separately as "Registry Rewards" on the My Credits page under Your Account.

When do Registry Rewards expire?
Registry Rewards expire one year after the due date you entered when signing up for your registry. Six months after that due date, rewards will no longer be issued.

How will I know if I've earned Registry Rewards?

You will receive a notification email whenever you are awarded rewards.

How do returns and exchanges work with Registry Rewards?
Our standard free -- and easy! -- return policy applies to all your registry purchases. Your Registry Rewards balance will automatically update to reflect any returns.

How are rewards applied to non-registry purchases on
Registry Rewards are automatically applied to purchases made from your non-registry account. Rewards with the most immediate expiration date are applied first.


How does the 10% Completion Program work?

We'll email you your 10% completion coupon 6 weeks prior to your expected due date, as entered during registry signup.

When will I receive my coupon?

About 6 weeks before your due date, we'll email you a 10% discount code that you can use on the items remaining on your registry. Simply apply the code at checkout and instantly receive 10% off your order of any eligible items remaining on your registry.

When can I use my coupon?
You can use your 10% completion coupon up to six months after the expected due date you entered during registry signup. This coupon is one-time use only and may not be combined with other offers.

Which items can I use my 10% Completion Coupon on?

You can apply your completion coupon to purchase items from your registry with the exception of diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and gift certificates. The 10% coupon cannot be applied to certain excluded brands. For a full list of these brands, go to our eCoupons and Promo Codes page in Help Center.

When does my coupon expire?
Your 10% completion coupon expires six months after your expected due date, as entered during registry signup.

Can I earn Registry Reward Credit on the order I apply my 10% completion coupon to?
Registry Reward Credit cannot be earned on purchases made using your 10% completion coupon.

Ship it Later Flexibility
How do I ship an item later?
On your Registry page, simply check the "Ship It Later" box for any item(s) that you want to ship later. You can uncheck these selections at any time before an item is purchased.

What happens when someone purchases a "Ship It Later" item from my registry?
Once a "Ship It Later" item is purchased, you will receive an email notification, as well as a voucher for the item. The item will appear on your registry as a purchased item. When you're ready, you can request shipment. Or, if you change your mind about the item, you can easily convert it to credit and get something else.

How long after my due date can I use the "Ship It Later" feature?

Your registry will automatically expire 6 months past your due date. At that time, all items must be shipped or the value of your gifts will be converted to credit.

If I select an item to ship later, does that mean that is holding the purchased item for me?
No, we are not holding the item for you. When a "Ship It Later" item is purchased, you will receive a voucher with an amount equal to the purchased product price. If the item is discontinued or out of stock at the time of shipment, the registrant can convert the voucher value to credit to be used on an alternate purchase.

What do I do when I'm ready to ship a purchased "Ship It Later" item?
Simply select the "Ship it Now" button to the right of the item on your Registry page.

What if I no longer want a "Ship It Later" item?
If you've changed your mind, you can convert your voucher value to credit to spend on something else. Simply select the link to the right of the item indicating that you no longer wish to receive it. The voucher value will be converted to a general credit that will automatically be applied to your next purchase.

Once I convert a voucher to credit, where can and I find my credit? And how do I use the credit?
At the top of the Your Registry page, you will find your available credit balance listed. Click the "view detail" link under Registry Credits to view all "Ship It Later" items that were exchanged for credit and the credit value for each exchanged item. You can also view your credits on your Your Account page -- simply select the "My Credits" link under the Coupons & Credits header. Your Ship It Later credits will be automatically applied at checkout when you shop from your registry or through our site. These credits do not expire.

What happens if the price of a registered item is higher at the time of shipment than at the time of purchase?
We will honor the item at its purchased price and ship the item as requested.
Dollars for Diapers Credits
Parents will go through $400-$600 worth of diapers in just one year. That's why we've created an easy way for registrants to get diapers through their registry. With our Dollars for Diapers feature, friends and family can give registrants credits to spend on cloth and disposable diapers at These credits will automatically show up in the registrant's account as credits that can be used towards diaper purchases.

What are Dollars for Diapers?
Dollars for Diapers are credits that can be used toward the purchase of cloth and disposable diapers on

When can I use my Dollars for Diapers?

Once Dollars for Diapers have been purchased from your registry, you can use them at any time.

Can I use my Dollars for Diapers on any purchase?

You can only use Dollars for Diapers to purchase diapers (both cloth and disposable) on

Where can I use Dollars for Diapers?
You can use Dollars for Diapers to purchase cloth and disposable diapers on

Who can receive Dollars for Diapers? Can I receive Dollars for Diapers if I don't have a registry?

You must have an active Baby Registry in order to receive Dollars for Diapers.

Can Dollars for Diapers be refunded or redeemed for cash?
At this time, Dollars for Diapers gifts cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded.

Where can I find my Dollars for Diapers balance?
Your Dollars for Diapers balance will be displayed under Your Account, as well as the Manage Registry page on your Baby Registry.

Is there a limit to the amount of Dollars for Diapers I can receive?
You can receive up to $2,000 in Dollars for Diapers.

Do Dollars for Diapers ever expire?
Nope! Dollars for Diapers do not expire.

Can I transfer my Dollars for Diapers to another registrant?
Dollars for Diapers cannot be transferred between account holders.

How do I remove Dollars for Diapers from my registry?
If you don't want to use our Dollars for Diapers feature, simply select the "Remove" link next to Dollars for Diapers on the Manage Your Registry page. You can also manage your Dollars for Diapers preferences on your Registry Profile page.
Getting Started
How do I start a registry?
Easy! Go to the Baby Registry tab and start building!
Is there someone who can help me?
We'd love to help! Simply call us at 1-800-DIAPERS (1-800-342-7377). Our friendly customer care team is here 24/7, ready to answer your questions. You can also email us.

How do I add items to my registry?
Once you've created a registry, log in to start adding items. For tips and ideas, check out our interactive Ultimate Checklist tool, lists of Registry Faves and informative Buying Guides -- all available on our desktop websites. You can also simply browse and add products that you like. Once you're ready to add an item, click on the "+ registry" button on the product page or the "add to registry" button on our mobile apps. It's that easy!

Can I come back later to add more items to my registry?
Of course! Building a registry usually takes some time. Add, update or remove items from your registry at any time, 24/7. If you get stuck on something or have a question, give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help!
Managing My Registry
How do I update my registry?
From our mobile apps, select Your Baby Registry from the menu or from the main nav of the home screen. From our desktop site, simply click on the "manage your registry" button on the main Baby Registry page. Once you're logged in, you can update your registry, edit your profile and see what your gift givers have bought from your registry.

What if I forget my password or want to change it?
Not a problem! Click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen. Then enter your email address on the next screen. Your password will be emailed to you right away.

How long will my registry be available?

Your registry will be active for six months following the expected due date you entered during registry sign-up.

How do I get recommendations on what to register for?
We have all kinds of registry tools available on our desktop site to help you out! The interactive Ultimate Checklist provides our must-haves and nice-to-haves by category and makes it easy for you to track your progress. Our Registry Faves lists let you know what other moms are adding to their registries -- and the lists are all updated daily! Not sure where to start? Check out our Buying Guides, which provide useful info and tips for picking the products you need for baby.
Sharing My Registry
How can I let my friends and family know where I am registered?
You can share your registry with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or you can print announcement inserts, which are cards that you can cut and insert into your baby shower invitations. Email, social media and, announcement insert links are all located at the top of your My Registry tab on our desktop site. On our mobile-optimized site and app, select the "share" button within your registry so you can easily share a link via email or copy the link to a clipboard.

What if my friends and family aren't comfortable shopping online?
Not a problem -- we like phone calls! If friends and family prefer not to shop your registry online, they can call our customer care team anytime at 1-800-DIAPERS (1-800-342-7377). A friendly representative will help them place an order over the phone.

How else can my friends & family access my registry?
Your friends and family can look up your registry on anytime! All they have to do is enter your name in the "find a registry" field and your registry will pop up.

What if I don't want my registry to be searchable?
You can easily set your registry to private. To edit your preferences on our desktop site, log in, go to Baby Registry, then Manage Your Registry, then Your Profile. On our app or mobile optimized site, go to Your Account, then Baby Registry Profile. If you set your registry as private, it will be accessible to guests only via a shared link.

Will my address be viewable to everyone looking at my registry?
We take your privacy seriously and will never show your address to anyone viewing your registry.
Receiving Gifts
How does shipping work on registry items?
Shipping is FAST and FREE on ALL items purchased from your registry, regardless of the item's price!

Where will my gifts be shipped?
Gift givers will have the option to ship gifts to either your address or their address. Or, you can set your preferences so that gifts can only be sent to the gift giver.

What if I don't want gifts shipped to me?

No worries! You can simply choose to have all gifts shipped to the gift giver's address. Or, you can use our "Ship It Later" feature and ship purchased registry items to your address, up to 6 months past your due date.

How do I set my shipping preferences?

When you sign up for your registry, you can choose to have gifts sent to both your address and the gift giver's address. Or, you can choose to have gifts sent only to the gift giver's address.

What is your return policy on registry items?
Returns are free and easy! If you return a registry item purchased by someone else, you will receive an on-site credit. For returns of registry items you purchased, you will receive a full refund. In either case, simply return the package within 365 days of the purchase date. We'll even pay for the return shipping. We can only accept products that have not expired and are in the same condition in which you received them (including the original box and/or packaging). Unfortunately, this return policy does not apply to resellers of our products.

How do I return a product?
Your satisfaction is our top priority! To return an item, simply contact our friendly customer care team at 1-800-DIAPERS (1-800-342-7377), or send us an email at A customer care team member will then send you an email with a prepaid, printable UPS return shipping label to apply to your package. Your return can then be handed to any UPS driver or dropped off at any of thousands of UPS drop-off locations. Once your return is received at our processing center, you will receive a full refund, along with an email message confirming receipt.
International Shipping
Baby Registry is only for use within the U.S. Earning Registry Rewards + 10% Off Completion, and Ship it Later flexibility are not available on international orders.

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