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10 Reasons to Grocery Shop Online

Shopping for pantry staples doesn't have to be a chore, and it certainly shouldn't require a trip to a suburban big-box store. Whether you're in the market for your AM-pick-me-up coffee or the snack sure to stave off a toddler's hungry afternoon meltdown, offers one-stop shopping. Our wide-ranging selection of pantry goods expands beyond the grocery aisles. Forget schlepping a heavy case of juice boxes home from the store: can deliver all your groceries right along with your baby essentials. If you're new to the concept of online grocery shopping, here are 10 reasons stocking your pantry from the comfort of your computer is totally worth it.

  1. The aforementioned toddler tantrums won't be met with disapproving stares from fellow shoppers.
  2. Our store offers 24/7 convenience. Imagine the multitasking possibilities. Shop during lunchtime, while watching yet another episode of Daniel Tiger, or during baby's afternoon nap.
  3. Know the old adage about never grocery shop while hungry? If you've got access to your home pantry while perusing ours, you're less likely to come away with impulse buys that seemed like a great idea at the time. (Though we won't judge if you end up with a couple extra sweet treats.)
  4. There will be no abandoning grocery carts mid-aisle when one of your kids starts doing the potty dance.
  5. Wearing Christmas pajamas in the middle of summer, while shopping and sipping a latte—how can you beat that?
  6. Never again will you come home with baking powder, when what you really needed for your bake sale cookie recipe is baking soda. You can cross reference your supplies with your shopping cart for foolproof restocking.
  7. Whether your family size is four or 14, we've got products to match your appetites, from single serve to bulk buys.
  8. Even the most fuel-efficient car can't beat our free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49.
  9. Never run out of your kids' favorite foods with our Easy Reorder or Auto-Ship-and-Save options.
  10. You'll never get to the front of the checkout line only to realize you left your wallet in your other bag and you have no way to pay your bill. Oops.