Top 10 Wooden High Chairs
price range: $100-250 $ = lower-priced$$ = mid-priced$$$= higher-priced
Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Highchair
1. Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Highchair
Launched in 1972, it's still as stylish as ever! But it's not just about good looks. It holds its value through the years. The seat and footrest panels adjust to grow with your child through adulthood, even holding up to 300 pounds!
What our customers say:
"Can't think of one thing to complain about. Get it. It's totally worth the money, will last until the kid is old enough for a grown-up chair (and beyond), and is not an eyesore in your house."
Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Complete Highchair
2. Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Complete Highchair
Get the revolutionary Tripp Trapp chair, plus the baby set. Designed specifically so babies and smaller children can sit securely and comfortably at the table, the Tripp Trapp baby set includes a high back, rail supports, and an integrated crotch strap.
Svan Signet Essential Highchair
3. Svan Signet Essential Highchair
Made from sustainable birch wood, its unique profile allows tots to climb and seat themselves. Plus, once they get older, the seat can be converted into a full- sized chair for use by teens and even adults.
What our customers say:
"I would recommend this for any parent and i can't say enough about how nice it looks and how functional it is (as compared to the ugly plastic high chairs or strap-on booster seats that older kids can't/don't want to use)."
Svan Baby to Booster Bentwood Highchair
4. Svan Baby to Booster Bentwood Highchair
The adjustable seat depth and footrest make it perfect for children from 6 months to 5 years old. The seat pad is removable, and the chair folds for effortless storage.
What our customers say:
"Just put this together and we love how sturdy compact and well designed it is. It has a small footprint perfect in a small dining area and we look forward to using it as a booster too.. finally a chair that doesn't look like a humongous ugly highchair"
Keekaroo Height Right Highchair
5. Keekaroo Height Right Highchair
This wooden high chair grows with children from 6 months to adults up 250 lbs. The Height Right wood high chair can be adjusted in 1 inch increments, ensuring a perfect fit.
What our customers say:
"I really like the infant insert and tray. It is also nice to be able to remove the tray and place the grab rail so the kids and pull up to the table."
Stokke HandySitt Booster Highchair
6. Stokke HandySitt Booster Highchair
The HandySitt's portability is perfect for families on the go. It easily fits onto most dining chairs, creating a safe temporary high chair.
Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair
7. Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair
With a finish that complements any home décor, this high chair is safe for baby and perfect for your style. Its removable tray is dishwasher safe.
What our customers say:
"The design and functionality are well thought out. The chair was easy to put together. It looks great with our wood floor and furniture."
Summer Classic Comfort Wood Highchair
8. Summer Classic Comfort Wood Highchair
A timeless addition to any kitchen, this classic chair features a removable, dishwasher safe tray and 3-position recline. It will grow with your baby from birth to 3 years old.
What our customers say:
"I can't fault this high chair. Simple, well built, sturdy and easy to clean. It looks great with our dining suite too."
Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair
9. Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair
It can be transformed to a toddler or a dining chair for all ages, within less than 20 seconds! It's economical and instantly provides an extra chair when needed.
What our customers say:
"This is by far the best high chair I have ever used! Easy to clean, does not hold a stain, pop-off tray makes clean-up a cinch!"
Badger Basket Embassy Highchair
10. Badger Basket Embassy Highchair
Comfortable and convenient, it's a complete high chair for your baby, a booster for your toddler, and eventually a kitchen or desk chair for tweens, teens, and adults.