Natural diapers - whether disposable or cloth - are free of additives like dye or fragrance, and they're kind to sensitive skin.

Look for:

  • chlorine, dye, fragrance & petroleum free
  • made from sustainable materials
  • reusable
  • biodegradable

Cloth Diapering Tricks from Experienced Moms:

Forget the pins and plastic pants of yesterday; cloth diapering is more advanced and easier than ever. However, like parenting, it comes with a learning curve. Make your move into cloth diapering as smooth as possible with tips and tricks from moms in the know.

  • Pre-stuff your diapers – If you’re using reusable pants with disposable inserts, like gDiapers Biodegradable Refills, have a stack of pre-stuffed diapers on hand at all times. You’ll appreciate having one less step when you’re trying to do a quick change.
  • Don’t be afraid of disposables – At least not for the first few weeks. It can be tough to find a cloth diaper small enough for a newborn’s tiny legs and waist. Many parents use disposable diapers for a few weeks until their little one is a bit bigger. Opt for natural disposables like Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Diapers.
  • Use cloth wipes too – Cloth wipes are gentle, they create less waste and they’re less expensive than disposable wipes in the long run. Don’t worry, there won’t be extra laundry - you can wash cloth wipes right alongside your cloth diapers. These organic wipes from Kissa’s come in adorable prints.
  • Consider coconut oil – Not all diaper creams are safe for cloth diapering. Some creams create a barrier on a diaper’s inner material causing the diaper to repel instead of absorb moisture. Coconut oil is gentle, soothing and cloth diaper safe. Nutiva Coconut Oil is certified organic and budget-friendly.
  • Invest in a diaper sprayer – Diaper sprayers, like this one from BumGenius, are the quickest, cleanest way to way to rinse soiled cloth diapers. No more scraping or dunking diapers directly in the toilet, diaper sprayers attach easily to any standard model.
  • Go with snap closures - When babies are strong enough to take off their diaper, they will. Opt for diapers, or covers, with snaps like this BumGenius Pocket Diaper. Little hands can easily open Velcro closures– plus, it makes a particularly satisfying sound as they tear it off.

Bestselling Natural Diapers
Body & Hair Care

These extra-gentle products are made with naturally-derived ingredients, pure essential oils & mild preservatives.

Look for:

  • paraben free
  • fragrance free
  • sulfate-free personal care products. Sulfates, found in many shampoos, cleansers and soaps can irritate skin
  • biodegradable
Bestselling Natural Body & Hair Care
Swaddling & Blankets

Super snuggly and oh-so-soft, they'll sleep soundly in these organic blankets. And you will too.

look for:

  • organic cotton
  • organic muslin
  • vegetable-based dyes
  • made from sustainable materials

Swaddling tips:

  • Don’t wrap too tightly – your hand should fit between the blanket and your baby's chest.
  • Make sure baby’s elbows, knees, and hips are flexed when you swaddle them.
  • Even organic bedding may be treated with chemical-based finishes. Take a closer look at products with labels like “permanent press”, “wrinkle resistant” or “easy care.”
Bestselling Natural Swaddling & Blankets
look for the green leaf

Any product tagged with the green leave meets our criteria for natural. These products are made primarily of natural ingredients with minimal processing. Natural ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animals as opposed to being made synthetically.

Looking for ways to go au natural throughout the house now that baby is here?

  • Laundry Room: Choose ultra-concentrated formulas, which help reduce water use and packaging. Less detergent, less water and less energy. If only there was less to wash.
  • Kitchen: Consider plant-based cleaners for wiping down countertops and scrubbing veggies. They contain naturally-derived ingredients, which break down dirt and pack a powerful cleaning punch.
  • Nursery: Opt for a mattress made with natural materials like organic cotton, wool padding, and PVC-free rubber or latex.
  • Room fresheners: Eliminate odors with pure essential oils. Combine water, white vinegar and your favorite oil in a spritz bottle, or use an oil burner.
  • Baby Clothing: If you love adorable prints and patterns, consider play clothes and pjs colored with organic or vegetable-based dyes.