Manual Pumps

Best for: Moms who don’t need to pump a lot at once


  • For occasional pumping
  • Single pump for use on one breast at a time
  • Allows you to manually pump by using handle
  • Takes a longer time to pump, when compared to an electric pump
  • Works great as a backup for moms with an electric pump
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Electric Pumps

Best for: Busy and working moms who need to pump a lot at once


  • For everyday pumping
  • The most popular breast pump option
  • Typically includes a double pump for use on two breasts at a time
  • Single options also available
  • Great for hands-free pumping, so you can multitask
  • Different speed and suction options available
  • Batteries or power adapter required
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Portable Pumps

Best for: Moms on the go


  • For occasional pumping
  • Travel-friendly
  • Single or double pump
  • Manual or electric
  • Lightweight options that fit in diaper bag or handbag
  • All-in-one options that come with a carrying case
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What to Look For
How often you’ll be pumping:
This is the main deciding factor for choosing either a manual or electric pump.
Single or double pump:
Depending on how often you want to pump, you can choose either a single or double pump for pumping one or two breasts at a time.
How easy it is to clean:
Breast pumps come with many accessories and spare pieces, so you’ll want to consider how easy it is to clean all those parts.
Adjustable features:
For electric pumps, pay attention to speed and suction settings.
Included accessories:
Many pumps come with extras included, from spare parts to a carry bag for toting your pump.
Whatever pump you choose, you’ll want to think about how easy it is to carry. If the pump isn’t travel-friendly, you might want to get a lighter backup pump for travel.
All the Extras

The benefits of breastfeeding go far beyond nutrition. It’s a time to bond, build your relationship, and get to know each other better. Positioning pillows, cover-ups, soothing creams, and more make breastfeeding as easy as possible.