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Life moves fast, especially when you have kids. And for families who are constantly on the go, safety is a concern that is always top of mind. No one knows this better than Recaro, who has been a world leader in safety and seating technology for over 100 years. Having designed seats for automobiles, airplanes, and racecars, Recaro brings that same precision German engineering and quality manufacturing into its award-winning car seats and strollers. Here’s what you need to know about buying a car seat and stroller as well as Recaro’s offerings.


As a general guideline, newborns up to nine months old should start with an infant car seat. Between nine and 18 months, many families opt to switch to a convertible car seat, and then graduate to a booster seat around 4 years old. In addition to your child’s age, also consider their height and weight, when looking for a new seat. Consult the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the manufacturer recommendations for more information.

Some highlights from Recaro that make their car seats unique:

  1. All seats feature energy absorbing EPS foam as well as racing-inspired full body side impact protection designed to protect the five most vulnerable areas in a side impact crash: head, face, neck, torso, and pelvis.
  2. The signature safety stripes and a twist-resistant HERO harness technology ensure that straps are always correctly buckled.
  3. The Performance Coupe infant seat can accommodate even the smallest babies with a removable insert designed for newborns four to 11 lbs. There is also a pad that removes easily for cleaning (spit ups, spills, and blow outs) and reattaches without having to rethread the seat belt.
  4. Some of Recaro’s convertible car seats including the Performance Racer and the Performance Rally feature two, dual purpose, built-in cup holders that provide anti-rebound protection in the event of a crash by distributing forces more effectively upon impact. The EasyAdjust 5-point harness and headrest can also be customized with the turn of a knob (read: no rethreading straps) to grow with your child.
  5. Recaro also offers its Performance Sport harness to booster seat as well as its high-back Performance Booster for your school-aged child up to 120 lbs.


Comfort and style are always important when picking the right stroller, but you’ll also want to think about your family’s lifestyle. If you have younger children and rely heavily on a stroller for your day-to-day activities (grocery shopping, all-day excursions, etc.) a full-sized model may be your the best option. If you have older children and use the stroller for only for quick trips, travel, and errands, consider a lightweight stroller instead.

Here are some highlights of Recaro’s strollers.

  1. All models feature a full all-wheel suspension system for maximum comfort and the smoothest (bump-free!) ride possible.
  2. Temperature-balancing luxury fabrics, plus a large extended canopy shade with SPF 50 offer comfort and protection against the elements.
  3. Oversized and easy-to-access storage baskets are ideal for toting around your things.
  4. The full-sized models like the Performance Denali Luxury and the Performance Marquis Luxury feature adjustable height handle bars and all-terrain puncture-proof rubber wheels for easy navigation.
  5. The ultra lightweight Easylife stroller weighs only 13 lbs and folds quickly with one hand, making it the ideal travel stroller. (Bonus: it also stands on its own when folded). There’s also a multi-position seat recline as well as a five-point harness for added comfort and safety.