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Medela Supports Moms With All Their Breastfeeding Needs

Medela is a recognized leader in breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories. Named the 2013 Company of the Year by the March of Dimes for its commitment to breastfeeding research and women and infant health, Medela makes a range of products to assist moms on their breastfeeding journey. From pumps to cleaning accessories, Medela has breastfeeding moms covered. Medela's patented 2-Phase Expression technology replicates the way a baby nurses, encouraging milk production. The pumps start with the stimulation phase to help start milk flow and moves to the expression phase, mimicking how a baby eats during let down. Some Medela models also allow you to double pump, which has been shown to produce 18% more milk.

There are two kinds of pumps:

Manual pumps are a great option if you're planning on pumping infrequently or need a handy emergency pump to relieve pressure. The Harmony Breastpump has a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle and is a best-seller.

Electric pumps are the go-to tools for those who plan to pump frequently, such as moms who are back at work and can't breastfeed on demand. Medela makes several styles.

  1. Freestyle Breastpump: This highly portable double pump has a lightweight motor and rechargeable battery, which means that you can carry it in your bag with ease and won't need an electrical outlet to get pumping. Plus, personalize your pumping sessions with the Freestyle's memory buttons, backlit digital display, and timer.
  2. Pump in Style Advanced: Named one of the best pieces of gear by American Baby Magazine, the Pump in Style Advanced is a daily use, double-electric breastpump that has an adjustable speed and vacuum dial so you can choose your favorite setting. Many moms prefer the strength of the motor in the Pump in Style, helping to make for more efficient pumping.
  3. Swing Breastpump: The single electric breastpump comes with a compact, lightweight motor and battery power option for pumping on the go. In the Swing, the convenience of a manual pump meets the technology of an electric.

Medela also makes a wide-array of breastfeeding accessories.

  1. There's a fair amount of cleaning that goes along with pumping and feeding a baby—including pump parts, bottles, and nipples. Medela helps you with the cleaning and sanitizing with their Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags and Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes, which are very handy if you're pumping at the office and want to do a quick clean without soap and water.
  2. If you're freezing and storing your breast milk, Medela makes a line of Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags that you can pump directly into. No need to carry around extra bottles or scramble when you forget them at home. And for many moms, Medela's Tendercare Lanolin Nipple Cream brings much-welcome relief, especially during those early days of breastfeeding and pumping.
  3. Parts do wear down, so check them if you feel like your pump is not performing like it used to. Medela provides many replacement supply parts, including membranes and valves (which easily tear) and PersonalFit Breastshields. Make sure you check that the part is compatible with your model pump.