Gladys Bedthyme Resume

10 Exchange Place, 25th Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302


Sept 2010 - present:

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

  • - Demonstrated ability to balance work, home, and community activities in fast-paced, high-intensity environment, usually with one hand and 3-4 hours of sleep
  • - Managed three junior associates, including one new hire (born 1/14), and maintained 100% retention
  • - Responsible for P&L for home operation, ensuring maximum profitability by reducing expenditures via coupon clipping, hand-me-downs, and fuel-efficient minivan
  • - Excelled in conflict resolution, redirection, and negotiation through fruit snacks
  • - Implemented gentle sleep training program for new hire, leading to 75% reduction in crying, a 92% increase in infant sleep and a 40% decrease under CEO's eyes
  • - Reduced top management workload and incentivized associates through implementation of gold-star chart award system
  • - Maximized future investments through 529 Plan and Piggy Bank stocks
  • - Awarded the Macaroni Necklace Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013

President of Waste Management

  • - Provided expert changing and disposal of 300 diapers monthly, specializing in blowouts
  • - Maintained 100% inventory levels of diapers and wipes via
  • - Implemented Diaper Genie disposal system to reduce room odor by 95%
  • - Set aggressive goal to implement potty training system before Q3 2014

Executive Chef

  • - Supervised dining and service operations, including menu planning, production, and budgeting
  • - Produced over 77 gallons of perfectly formulated breast milk in a single year
  • - Decreased waste by 20% with implementation of 5-Second Rule
  • - Effectively reduced picky eating among clients by 85%
  • - Received Michelin Star NomNom Award for “Exceptional Chicken Nugget Cuisine”


Sep 2010 - present:

Raisin U.
PH.D. in Child Studies, Ongoing field research in child development

Jan 2010 - Sep 2010:

LaMaze College,
M.A. in Labor Studies, Pain Management and Controlled Breathing

  • - Graduated in only 40 weeks


Advanced Lego construction, babywearing, tantrum management, fluent in Disney's Frozen, carpooling, intermediate braiding/pigtails, baby babble translation, monster-under-the-bed removal, birthday party planning, raspberry sounds, sandwich crust cutting, Instagram photography, peek-a-boo, snack storage and distribution, locating lost items, lifecoaching, unconditional love. logo


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