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      Top 10 Double/Triple Strollers
      pricing key: $ = lower-priced$$ = mid-priced$$$= higher-priced
      Maclaren  Twin Triumph - Scarlet/Silver
      1. Maclaren Twin Triumph
      A double stroller that's actually compact? Triumph, indeed!
      • Price: $$
      • Weight: 23.4 lbs.
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      What our customers say:
      "This was a great stroller when our twins were still little, as it reclines virtually flat (many twin strollers do not). It's lightweight — we took it onto the beach for shaded naps during the day."
      Baby Jogger City Mini Double
      2. Baby Jogger City Mini Double
      It's compact, maneuverable and has an amazing fold. Plus, no more tight entrances — it fits through standard-size doors!
      What our customers say:
      "It's so easy to push and turn — one-handed is no problem. I love the side-by-side and the windows so I can watch them while I push. The open mesh back on the canopy is great for air flow."
      Joovy  Caboose Ultralight Tandem Stroller - Black
      3. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem Stroller
      Not only is celeb Brooke Burke a fan, but she says that "It's the smallest and easiest double stroller I have!" It weighs in at 21 pounds, while the lower-priced Caboose Stand-On Tandem (No. 7) is 26 pounds.
      What our customers say:
      "I needed something that was light and gave him a standing option and a seated option. This stroller fit the bill."
      Dream on Me  Twin Stroller- Black
      4. Dream On Me Twin Stroller
      This side-by-side is perfect for day-by-day errands and trips — all in all, a great product at a great value.
      What our customers say:
      "It's very comfortable and easy to use. Folds up easily and compact."
      Kinderwagon  Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller - Black
      5. Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Umbrella Stroller
      This innovative, no-nonsense stroller lets both kids take in the world as you stroll thanks to the stadium-seating design and canopy with two viewing windows.
      • Price: $$
      • Weight: 21.5 lbs.
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      What our customers say:
      "Basically I wanted a stroller that I could take to the market, to the park, on vacation and in and out of the mall. This is a perfect fit. Folds up so small in the car and fits everywhere!"
      Joovy  Caboose  Tandem Stroller - Appletree
      6. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller
      It's one stroller that literally does the job of two!
      What our customers say:
      "My 2½-year-old actually wants to get in this stroller and sit or stand. It's much smaller than my full-size double and easier to maneuver."
      InStep  Safari Double Stroller - Grey/Green
      7. InStep Safari Double Stroller
      It's a 3-wheeler, multi-terrain double that's made for adventure — perfect for people-watching safaris or smoothly navigating small spaces. And, best of all, it fits through standard doors.
      What our customers say:
      "It pushes SO easily, even with my 35-pound 2-year-old in one side and baby in the other. It has minimal pull, even on hills."
      BOB  Revolution SE Duallie - Black
      8. BOB Revolution SE Duallie
      From strolling to jogging, this multi-terrain stroller ensures a smooth ride for baby thanks to the state-of-the-art suspension and wheel stability. And it really does go just about anywhere with an extra lightweight, travel-friendly design.
      What our customers say:
      "For any terrain and ease of maneuverability, BOBs are the best."
      Baby Trend  Sit N Stand Deluxe - Quartz
      9. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller
      Two kids, one stroller, lots of possibilities! While the younger child sits up front, the older child can sit in the second seat or stand in the back. It even accommodates two infant car seats.
      What our customers say:
      "My daughter-in-law was extremely pleased with this stroller, very easy to put together and good quality for the price."
      Baby Trend  Double Snap n Go Stroller
      10. Baby Trend Double Snap n Go Stroller
      Say good-bye to bulky, extra-wide double strollers. At just 17.6 pounds, it accepts two infant car seats and features an extra-large storage basket and two parent cup holders.
      • Price: $$$
      • Weight: 17.6 lbs.
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      What our customers say:
      "I purchased this as an attempt to make things a little easier. Mission accomplished. It is so light weight and easy to use. I love it."