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      top 10 double/triple strollers
      pricing key: $ = lower-priced$$ = mid-priced$$$= higher-priced
      Baby Jogger City Mini Double
      1. Baby Jogger City Mini Double
      It's compact, maneuverable and has an amazing fold. Plus, no more tight entrances — it fits through standard-size doors!
      What our customers say:
      "It's sooo easy to push and turn — one-handed is no problem. I love the side-by-side and the windows so I can watch them while I push. The open mesh back on the canopy is great for air flow."
      Maclaren Twin Triumph
      2. Maclaren Twin Triumph
      A double stroller that's actually compact? Triumph, indeed!
      What our customers say:
      "This was a great stroller when our twins were still little, as it reclines virtually flat (many twin strollers do not). It's lightweight — we took it onto the beach for shaded naps during the day."
      Graco Quattro Tour Duo
      3. Graco Quattro Tour Duo
      This sturdy mom favorite features "sta-dium seating," ensuring your second-in-command gets just as good a view!
      What our customers say:
      "First and foremost it will fit in my small SUV trunk with room to spare (especially when stored on its side) without having to remove a canopy, snack tray, wheels, etc."
      Maclaren Twin Techno
      4. Maclaren Twin Techno
      It's not just for twins — use this comfy stroller for big sibling/little sibling bonding time too! Heavier than the Twin Triumph (No. 2), it has front-wheel suspension and larger wheels.
      • Price: $$$
      • Weight: 27.3 lbs.
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      What our customers say:
      "I love that this is easy to get through a doorway — not true of my other double stroller. Plus it folds away easily."
      Bumbleride Indie Twin
      5. Bumbleride Indie Twin
      This ride — from West Coast-cool Bumbleride — is perfect for your two partners-in-crime, whether they're twins or future best friends forever!
      What our customers say:
      "The shades are big and great, we never have a sun-in-the-eye issue. It is very easy to push, steers like a dream."
      Combi Twin Sport
      6. Combi Twin Sport
      At less than 23 pounds, it likely weighs less than many single strollers!
      What our customers say:
      "A good 'little stroller.' Easy to store. Babies sit great in it."
      Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem
      7. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem
      It's one stroller that literally does the job of two!
      What our customers say:
      "My 2½-year-old actually wants to get in this stroller and sit or stand. It's much smaller than my full-size double and easier to maneuver."
      Dream On Me Twin
      8. Dream On Me Twin
      This side-by-side is perfect for day-by-day errands and trips — all in all, a great product at a great value.
      What our customers say:
      "It's very comfortable and easy to use. Folds up easily and compact."
      Contours Options Tandem
      9. Contours Options Tandem
      Six different seating possibilities mean your passengers will never get bored (like that was even possible!) in this modular ride.
      What our customers say:
      "The versatility of this stroller is amazing. I love having the baby face me and the toddler face out."
      Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem
      10. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem
      Not only is celeb Brooke Burke a fan, but she says that "It's the smallest and easiest double stroller I have!" It weighs in at 21 pounds, while the lower-priced Caboose Stand-On Tandem (No. 7) is 26 pounds.
      What our customers say:
      "I needed something that was light and gave him a standing option and a seated option. This stroller fit the bill."