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Ultimate Checklist

It's amazing how much one baby needs! Luckily, our interactive checklist tool breaks down everything you'll need by "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves" to make shopping for baby a breeze. Plus, this helpful tool stays with you on screen as you browse products and build your registry. Think of it as a friendly assistant who's by your side throughout the entire registry process!

Ship It Later

You may not want to receive all your gifts right away (after all, baby's nursery might not be ready for the crib and dresser just yet). Through our Ship It Later feature you can choose to ship purchased registry items up to 6 months past your due date. So you can get your gifts on your time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship an item later?

On your Registry page, simply check the "Ship It Later" box for any item(s) that you want to ship later. You can uncheck these selections at any time before an item is purchased.

What happens when someone purchases a "Ship It Later" item from my registry?

Once a "Ship It Later" item is purchased, you will receive an email notification, as well as a voucher for the item. The item will appear on your registry as a purchased item. When you're ready, you can request shipment. Or, if you change your mind about the item, you can easily convert it to credit and get something else.

How long after my due date can I use the "Ship It Later" feature?

Your registry will automatically expire 6 months past your due date. At that time, all items must be shipped or the value of your gifts will be converted to credit.

If I select an item to ship later, does that mean that is holding the purchased item for me?

No, we are not holding the item for you. When a "Ship It Later" item is purchased, you will receive a voucher with an amount equal to the purchased product price. If the item is discontinued or out of stock at the time of shipment, the registrant can convert the voucher value to credit to be used on an alternate purchase.

What do I do when I'm ready to ship a purchased "Ship It Later" item?

Simply click the "Ship it Now" button to the right of the item on your Registry page.

What if I no longer want a "Ship It Later" item?

If you've changed your mind, you can convert your voucher value to credit to spend on something else. Simply click the link to the right of the item indicating that you no longer wish to receive it. The voucher value will be converted to a general credit that will automatically be applied to your next purchase.

Once I convert a voucher to credit, where can I find my credit? And how do I use the credit?

At the top of your registry page, you'll find your available credit balance listed. At the bottom of your registry page, you'll be able to see all "Ship It Later" items that were exchanged for credit, along with the credit value for each exchanged item. Your credits will be automatically applied at checkout when you shop from your registry or through our site. These credits do not expire.

What happens if the price of a registered item is higher at the time of shipment than at the time of purchase?

We will honor the item at its purchased price and ship the item as requested.

Free Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping and returns on all registry purchases. Most items arrive in just 1-2 days. Nursery furniture and some items shipped directly from the manufacturer may have longer ship times (this will be noted on the product page). If you need to make a return, simply call or email us. We'll provide you with a prepaid, printable label. Once your return is received, we will credit your account so you can get exactly what you want. It's as simple as that!

Thank-You Manager

Our Thank-You Note Manager keeps track of the gifts you've received and lets you check off when you've sent a thank-you note.

Dollars for Diapers

Parents will go through $400-$600 worth of diapers in just one year. That's why we've created an easy way for registrants to get diapers through their registry. With our Dollars for Diapers feature, friends and family can give registrants credits to spend on cloth and disposable diapers at These credits will automatically show up in the registrant's account as credits that can be used towards diaper purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dollars for Diapers?

Dollars for Diapers are credits that can be used towards the purchase of cloth and disposable diapers on

When can I use my Dollars for Diapers?

Once Dollars for Diapers have been purchased from your registry, you can use them at any time.

Can I use my Dollars for Diapers on any purchase?

You can only use Dollars for Diapers to purchase diapers (both cloth and disposable) on

Where can I use Dollars for Diapers?

You can use Dollars for Diapers to purchase cloth and disposable diapers on

Who can receive Dollars for Diapers? Can I receive Dollars for Diapers if I don't have a registry?

You must be a Baby Registry registrant in order to receive Dollars for Diapers.

Can Dollars for Diapers be refunded or redeemed for cash?

At this time, Dollars for Diapers gifts cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded.

Where can I find my Dollars for Diapers balance?

Your Dollars for Diapers balance will be displayed on your My Account page, as well as the Manage Registry page on your Baby Registry.

Is there a limit to the amount of Dollars for Diapers I can receive?

You can receive up to $2,000 in Dollars for Diapers.

Do Dollars for Diapers ever expire?

Nope! Dollars for Diapers do not expire.

Can I transfer my Dollars for Diapers to another registrant?

Dollars for Diapers cannot be transferred between account holders.

How do I remove Dollars for Diapers from my registry?

If you don't want to use our Dollars for Diapers feature, simply click the "Remove" link next to Dollars for Diapers on the Manage Your Registry page. You can also manage your Dollars for Diapers preferences on your Registry Profile page.

Mobile Registry

Create and manage your registry all from your mobile phone. Plus, scan items in-store to add to your registry. Simply download our iPhone or Android app. Then click the "Scan Barcode" symbol (under the "Search" tab) to scan any product. To add the item to your registry, click "Add to Registry" and your registry will update automatically.

Earn Registry Rewards

Registry Rewards are earned every time an item is purchased off of your registry. Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you'll begin to earn 5% back in rewards. Once you reach $1000, you'll begin earning 10% back in rewards. So, for example, if you reach $750 in purchases you will receive $12.50 in rewards ($250 x 5%) to apply to on-site purchases. If you reach $1,200 in purchases, you will receive $25 ($500 x 5%) + $20 ($200 x 10%) for a total rewards value of $45. The maximum amount of rewards you can receive is $200.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Registry Rewards?

You can earn Registry Rewards on all items purchased from your registry with the exception of diapers, wipes, formula, baby food and gift certificates. Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you'll earn 5% back in rewards. Once you reach $1000, you'll earn 10% back in rewards.

What is the total amount of Registry Rewards that I can receive?

The maximum amount of rewards you can receive is $200.

When will Registry Rewards appear in my account?

Once you reach $500 in registry purchases, you will start earning rewards. After a purchase is made from your registry, the earned rewards will appear in your account within 7 days.

How can I check my Registry Rewards balance?

Your rewards balance will be listed separately as "Registry Rewards" on the My Credits page under My Account.

When do Registry Rewards expire?

Registry Rewards expire one year after the due date you entered when signing up for your registry. Six months after that due date, rewards will no longer be issued.

How will I know if I've earned Registry Rewards?

You will receive a notification email whenever you are awarded rewards.

How do returns and exchanges work with Registry Rewards?

Our standard free – and easy! – return policy applies to all your registry purchases. Your Registry Rewards balance will automatically update to reflect any returns.

How are Registry Rewards applied to non-registry purchases on

Registry Rewards are automatically applied to purchases made from your non-registry account. Rewards with the most immediate expiration date are applied first.

10% Completion Program

About 6 weeks before your due date (as entered at registry sign-up), we'll email you a one-time-only 10% discount code that you can use on all eligible items remaining on your registry. If you create your registry less than 6 weeks before your due date, you'll receive your discount code once your registry has been live for 2 weeks. Either way, you'll get what you need to welcome baby home!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my coupon?

We'll email you your 10% completion coupon about 6 weeks before your expected due date, as entered during registry signup.

When can I use my coupon?

You can use your 10% completion coupon up to six months after the expected due date you entered during registry signup. This coupon is one-time use only and is not combinable with other offers.

Which items can I use my 10% Completion Coupon on?

You can apply your completion coupon to purchase items from your registry with the exception of diapers, wipes, formula, baby food and gift certificates. The 10% coupon cannot be applied to the following brands: Argington, Baby Jogger, BabyHome, Babyletto, BEABA, Bloom, Boba, Bugaboo, BumGenius, Clek, Cybex, Dutailer, Econobum, Ergobaby, Flip, GroVia, Kissy Kissy, LeSportsac, Little Castle, Maclaren, Maxi-Cosi, Naturepedic, Oeuf, Orbit Baby, Quinny, Stokke.

Your 10% completion coupon expires six months after your expected due date, as entered during registry signup.

Can I earn Registry Reward Credit on the order I apply my 10% completion coupon to?

No, Registry Rewards credits will not be earned for purchases made using the 10% Completion Coupon.

Registry Faves

Our Registry Faves are updated daily, so you can check out which products other parents are adding to their registries.

Buying Guides

Wondering what exactly a convertible car seat is? Luckily, our quick-and-easy buying guides are here to help with useful info and tips for picking the products you need for baby.

Registry Sharing

Through this handy feature, you can share your registry with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. It's the easy way to get the word out about your registry.

Customer Care

We like phone calls! Our award-winning Customer Care team is here 24/7, ready to help with all of your registry needs. Simply give us a call at 1-800-DIAPERS (1-800-342-7377).