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"I think your diapers are competitively priced and you carry Seventh Generation. "

- Deborah, CA


"i love the concept of free shipping and tax free billing."

- sri, NY


"great products, delivery time, ease of purchases, customer support. thanks for being there, love u! renee"

- Renee, NJ


"Excellent prices, quick delivery, pretty-good selection. All in all a good shopping experience."

- Marike, NY


"there hasn't been a reason not to recommend this web site. I'm very satisfied."

- Barbara, NJ


"One stop shopping. You have the diapers I need in stock."

- Melinda, VA


"The Price was very competitive and I didn't have to pay shipping. Very convenient."

- Melanie, SC


"There are a few reasons for my high rating (convenience, price, large quantity), but the most important reason for me is convenience. Living in Manhattan, convenience is key."

- Dani, NY


"I love not having to buy diapers at the store & I think other busy moms would also appreciate the convenience of 1800diapers. "

- Patricia, CT


"I like that my order is delivered to my door, I like that I don't have to waste time at the store looking for a good bye because I have already found one that works for me. And 1800diapers came highly recommended by my family and friends"

- Mary, ID


"Diapers are a everyday thing. To be able to get them at a cheaper price and stock up is great."

- Jessica, MO


"Because we live in a rural area so this service is very convenient and secondly to gain points off of other people's orders."

- Karen, ID


"It is not only convenient, but inexpensive as well."

- Ingrid, CO


"Many different products available, convenience, reasonable prices and quick delivery. thank you very much for your service!"

- Linda, RI


"as a parent of newborn twins, having diapers delivered to the door is crucial.. there's no time to go out and shop!"

- Christine, DC


"free shipping and prompt delivery, in addition to prices. IT is more convenient than going to sam's!"

- Jennifer, WI


"Ease of use. Convenience - one (or two) less errand(s)!"

- Dana, CA


"I really appreciate the "perks" you get when you order from Diapers.com. I've done a price comparison of several locations for diapers and believe me, this site is very competitive plus you add the coupon usage and money back programs and it stands out. I have mentioned this to many moms."



"we are waiting for a new baby(grandchild) the parents have a set of twins now and are always in need of diapers..I do not remember the magazine(mabey Womanes World) we thought the offer was great and will soon be sending for more."

- Darlene, NY


"because you all have the best price on diapers and there is free shipping on orders over $75."

- Christy, TN


"tt was easy to order and iSent them as a gift for my sister and she was so happy to recieve th diapers."

- Elisabeth, PA


"Ease of use of the website; easy to explain; I've recommended you to two of my clients and my chiropractor, all who recently had babies. I often purchase a $50 gift certificate to give to my clients who give birth."

- Jessica, VA


"I love the idea of having diapers, wipes, pull-ups and all other baby "stuff" delivered to my door. I received my delivery in two days!!!!"

- Laura, MA


"free shippimg, ease of purchasing & quick delivery"

- Susanne, NY


"Great price, good communication and efficient service!"

- Brianne, LA

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