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" Customer service. While other stores may have cheaper prices, the customer service I receive from Diapers.com is always attentive and solution focused and leaves me as a happier customer. So i keep coming back! :) Keep it up!"

- Bryna


" The amazing superman speed of delivery!!! And it's so easy, and the amount of diapers i can get is more than in the store! Well worth the money!!"

- Tiffany, WV


"Delivery was quick, easy. Customer service representative answered right away - no wait time or automated system - and was very friendly, clear, and helpful."

- Samantha, NY


" I am always satisfied with every order. Anything and everything I need for my baby is on this site. Plus the free and fast shipping is Great!!"



"fast delivery (seriously fast!!) free shipping easy ordering (iphone app) huge selection. ... in that order."

- Jennifer, DC


" The shipping was so quick, perfect for urgent drugstore/grocery items that cannot wait but are a hassle to carry home on the subway."

- Jessica, NJ


"huge selection and fast delivery to my door!"

- Stephanie, GA


" I am a mother of twins, so it's great to get deals anywhere and everywhere I can. With winter coming, it's nice to know that I don't have to go out in inclement weather to get some supplies."

- Jessica, PA


"Convenience! We live in an area where it is easier to walk than drive and carrying a big heavy bag of dog food several blocks isn't fun. I order my dog food (and many other things) from Wag and I have it the next day! I have already told so many people about you."

- Sandra, DC


"I ordered the wrong size and am in the process of returning--I have already told people about the amazing and I do mean amazing promptness of my questions about returns---customer service like this is not easy to find these days--- I will be ordering again"

- Nancy, MA


"You always have the products that I need and your prices are right in line with others, sometimes lower. I will always remain a customer of this site."

- Rose, MN


"You have a wide selection, good prices and free shipping! Shopping couldn't be easier!"

- Shanin, CO


"easy to use - especially to share info across your family of sites"

- Linda, CT


"Your site was easy to navigate and use. You had good pricing and specials. When I had a slight issue and called in, the person was very friendly and helpful so it was quick and painless. All around good experience."

- sarah, WA


" I got a better deal on the carseat than at my local "baby" store, and I did not even have to leave my house!"

- Tara, MS


"I had a couple of questions about shipping and a product and your customer support has been unbelievable. The were very friendly and seemed like they really care about what they are doing and given the best support to the customer."

- Mark, AZ


"Excellent delivery time, good prices and the numerous items that are available for purchase. Excellent customer service as well when there is a problem with an order. I will continue shopping with Vine Market for many years to come!"

- Judy, CA


"How you guys' website really made things easy for me and that you have an easy selection with a variety of things to buy from."

- Branden, NM


"Easy to navigate site and fast and secure check out *****!"

- Jhovana, NY


"I like the price, convenience of order things online and the fast delivery. What else you can ask for?"

- MaryLou, TX


"I must give 2 answers: 1)Prices; 2) Delivery Speed. Thank you for the great service!"

- Dr Miles, CA


" User friendly & convenient website with just about everything you're looking for and fast shipping!"

- Julie, MN


"Living in New York, I value being able to buy in bulk without having to take a taxi to get it home - and I know my friends would benefit from that as well."

- Gretchen, NY


" EXCELLENT customer service is the most important reason but there are more! Free 2 day delivery or faster, items rarely out of stock, carry specific diapers that are not easy to find at stores in my area. LOVE diapers.com. LOYAL customer - Ali "

- Alison, MA


"AWESOME AWESOME, Super fast shipping, great prices and excellent quality!"

- Marlene, FL

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