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" I was able to get a variety of different items for one single site. Convenient. "



" I love the convenience and selection on the website, but by far the best reason is the free and fast shipping!!"

- Tarah, CT


" I had issues with my order being processed incorrectly, and the customer service representative who rectified the situation was absolutely helpful, pleasant, and went above and beyond in helping me. "

- Jaime, NY


"Easy ordering & fast service. I live in NYC without a car. It's a releif to have basic household items delivered rather than having to haul them home in an over-flowing shopping cart. Thank You! PS: RE: recommendations: I forwarded your address to my Aunt who will be 80 soon. Though she lives in central PA & still drives, your service would also benefit her."

- Kristin, NY


"I was impressed with EVERYTHING that was sent. I have tried all the items and am excited about each product. I felt like each product wax chosen just for me. Very pleased."

- Heidi, OK


"When I recently had a complication with an order, the level of customer service was incredible. The Customer Care team truly is available 24/7, and the responses to my email were genuinely caring and thorough. I was impressed and felt very taken care of. Now I am a loyal wag.com customer."

- Christopher, TX


" I received my "first" box and was very impressed with the selection and sample size. I'm lookig forward to receiving others. Thanks!"

- Ann, PA


"I am able to replenish baby supplies without leaving home and save time!"

- Ashley, PA


"I love that you ship promptly! I also love that you do give out some full sized products. The quality and the brands are very important to me and you deliver on that! Also, this may sound weird but I save and collect those sturdy little boxes. I am even more excited because I use them in my classroom for the kids and my theme color is red......and you just changed your box to red!"

- Diana, NY


"The product descriptions were excellent, I was provided with great incentive to purchase via coupon codes, and the delivery was FAST. Unbelievable how fast it was, I made my order at 11 PM on a Tuesday and it was delivered before noon on Thursday. Shipping was also free. Incredible."

- Brittney, TX


"Wag is so fast, so efficient and so easy. I can't believe how reasonably priced it is, and saves me a trip to the store. Would highly recommend to all pet families."

- Mary, NY


"I ordered the products on Tuesday, Wednesday they were delivered... quick!!"

- Melissa, MO


"Great deals and excellent customer service. I received my items in 2 days! I will definitely shop again :)"

- Elsy, CA


"SO quick and Easy!!!!!!!"

- Laurie, CA


"Customer service/fast delivery Variety of merchandise offered across multiple sites (one stop shopping)"

- Jennifer, AZ


"Consistency, good service and a great website!"

- Lisa, MN


"easy to shop, prices, and free shipping. Overall very customer friendly!"

- Layne, CT


"Always in stock of what I need and extremely fast delivery!"

- Jonelle, NY


"The dog food I buy is $76 in the my pet food store of choice and $49 through wag.com. That is a HUGE savings!"

- Karen, PA


" The convenience and the deals. Living in Manhattan, it is hard to carry heavy or bulk items and Soap makes it so easy! I also love the discounts when they are going on."

- Melissa, NY


" I already recommended to a few people! I saved $28 on your site compared to buying boxes of 100 at Walmart... I told everybody!"



"You guys are awesome, next day delivery, smooth web and checkout process!!"

- Danielle, CA


"The professionalism and on time shipments. Pricing is great too."

- Erika, CA


"Convenience, price, and selection. You guys have EVERYTHING! :-)"

- Robert, AL


" Convenience and price. I ordered diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray on Thursday morning for a trip we were leaving for on Friday and didn't have time to make it to the store. Got them on Friday, for less than I would have spent at the store, and brands that aren't available at the store I would've gone to. Thank you!!!"

- Melissa, OK

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